5 Bathroom Remodeling Ideas that Won’t Break the Bank

This post was most recently updated on March 22nd, 2018

Just like your kitchen, your house is judged by how neat, tidy and updated your bathroom is. Yes, you might have thought many times to renovate and turn your bathroom into a sanctuary of your dreams but you stopped at the thought of spending a lot on a remodel!

Contrary to the popular belief, an easy-on-the-pocket bathroom remodeling is possible; you just have to think outside the box. There is absolutely no need to knock your walls down or replace ceilings for a modernized bathroom look, in fact, all you have to do is concentrate on the titbits and be a little creative. Here are some ideas;

1. Use Tile as An Accent


Use of tiles in the bathrooms is the main cause way to break your budget; they are expensive. However, you can save if you brainstorm your ideas regarding the tiles usage and application. First, limit the tile and use it in a way that looks artistic. Focusing on high-impact areas, use the more pricey tile as an accent and the simple, less expensive tile everywhere else. In this way, you will not only save a ton of money but the pattern will be more noticeable.

2. Give a New Look to Your Walls with Fresh Paint

An easy and effective way to bring change and enlighten your bathroom is to paint the walls. This gives your bathroom a new look and will compliment the minor changes you made in your remodel. Invest in good quality paint with a satin finish, and consider doing the paint job yourself.

There is more to the bathroom then just the walls and interior, the main thing; toilet and its accessories. There are so many looks and sizes of toilets from modern to ones that fit in a small space. You can get water saving ones including dual flush toilets (where you choose the amount of water to use for a flush). If you’re looking to replace your toilet, homeworthylist.com has some budget options.

3. Install New Faucets for a Classy Look

Your shower can have a quick and easy upgrade with new fixtures. We recently did this in our bathroom and it made a big impact. Plus, the new faucets are easier to use (we like the single spout option so you can control the water temperature easier). You don’t have to call a plumber. All you have to do is buy a shower trim kit as per the requirement of your shower and tap faucets and install new and up-to-date taps/faucets. These kits include all the necessary accessories you need to change the faucets.

4. Frame Your Mirror and Add Lights

A plain mirror above your sink can looks boring. If you add a frame it adds instant style to the mirror. Before fixing it, paint it according to the color theme of your bathroom. Application of such frames could be conveniently done with mastic adhesive. Make sure to tape off the mirror to avoid possible scratches.

Want to have a better illumination when you look in that mirror? It’s tough to put on makeup or do those brows in dim light. You can get lights for both sides of the mirror. This will not only improve the light in your bathroom but will also give it a nice look.

5. Add Details

Add as many pretty little things to your bathroom as it is required, depending on space. A chandelier, an interesting pendant, plant/flowers, or a cute quote written in a simple wooden frame adds interest to your bathroom. So does an accent wall that’s painted or by adding wallpaper. I always check Pinterest for inspiration too. This is a simple and economical way to add more interest to your upgraded bathroom.

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