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VidAngel Is Back! Here’s How it Works Now

VidAngel is back…sort of. Thanks to the VidAngel lawsuit between Hollywood Studios, VidAngel was barred from streaming popular movies and new releases.

How VidAngel Works Now

While they started as a movie streaming service with their own library of movies, VidAngel is a filtering service only that works with other services. In other words, they don’t new releases and it’s no longer $1 a night. Instead it’s a subscription service that works with other online movie streaming services.

Right now you can use VidAngel to watch movies on Amazon’s HBO and Prime vidoe channels as well as Netflix for $7.99 a month and your first month is free. If you have credit on VidAngel it’s still in your account. You can use it for the new service.

We recently went to Universal Orlando Resort and took our daughter on the ET ride. She’d never heard of ET! So when we got back we had a family friendly movie night at our friends. We used Netflix and VidAngel ran on top of it to filter out the swearing. It was so fun! Just be sure to bring popcorn and Skittles!

VidAngel is compatible with the following movie streaming services:

  • Netflix (with an existing subscription)
  • Amazon Prime Video (available through your Amazon Prime account)
  • HBO (through Amazon)

You can get Amazon Prime which includes movies here: Try Amazon Prime 30-Day Free Trial.

Get Amazon HBO here: HBO Free Trial (it’s $14.99 a month) after the one week trial.

Most Popular Movies on VidAngel

The most popular titles on VidAngel, listed in order, are:

  • Game of Thrones
  • Kellen Erskine’s comedy Composed
  • 13 Hours: The Secret Soldiers of Benghazi
  • The Man in the High Castle
  • House of Cards
  • No Escape
  • Seeking a Friend for the End of the World
  • The Office
  • The Big Short
  • Ex Machina
  • Braveheart

VidAngel Movies

As of June 2017 there are over 1600 movie titles you can choose from. There really isn’t a great way to discover movies except to browse by category. You can search but given there are so few movies you could waste a lot of time. When I heard the announcement and watched the video I mistakenly believed you could watch ANY movie on Amazon or Netflix with VidAngel’s filters. Nope.

Note: VidAngel subscribers get unlimited access to their Dry Bar Comedy specials, VidAngel exclusive movies, and any movies you already own on your VidAngel accounts.* Now we’re kicking ourselves for not buying some of our favorites!!!

They cannot stream the works owned by Disney, Lucas Films, Warner Bros., or 20th Century Fox.

Movies on VidAngel 

Here’s a selection of popular movies you can watch now on VidAngel:

13 Reasons Why (Netflix)

Terminator Genisys (Amazon)

Mission Impossible (Amazon)

Serena (Netflix)

Woman in Gold (Netflix)

Nacho Libre (Netflix)

There’s also original VidAngel content you can watch, such as Dry Bar Comedy shows – clean comedy acts from Christian comedians. The filters are the same as they were.

VidAngel Movies

TV Shows on VidAngel

Breaking Bad (Netflix) – 5 seasons

House of Cards (Netflix) – 5 seasons

If you have trouble with the Amazon connector for Game of Thrones and other programs, the fix is to disconnect your Amazon account and reconnect. That clears out your old session and establishes a new improved session and fixes the issue.

Woman in Gold VidAngel

How VidAngel Works Now

The easiest way to view a movie is to sign into your VidAngel account your computer and watch movies through their website. First, connect to the service with your username and password for that service. Find a movie, enable filters and start watching. You can watch full screen (I recommend it because the play window is really small even on my larger monitor). There are no previews so the movie starts right away.

To watch your own version of any movie in the VidAngel library through another device, follow these steps.

  1. Download the VidAngel app on a compatible device. Since VidAngel doesn’t work on desktop you have to log on through their app. I downloaded it on my iPad. If you already have it, delete and reconnect.
  2. Connect your Amazon, Netflix or HBO channel on Amazon accounts. While once a competitor of Netflix now VidAngel could actually send them new business.
  3. Browse the movie selection and select one. Choose your filters to decide how much language, sexual content or violence to allow.
  4. Watch the movie through the VidAngel app or list of compatible devices.
VidAngel Connect to Netflix
I had a difficult time connecting to Netflix and Amazon until I logged into them first and reloaded the page.

Right now you can’t filter by service the movie is on, so if you’re a Netflix subscriber you can’t easily see the selections from Netflix. You have to click on each movie to see where it is. That’s very cumbersome and I hope it’s fixed soon. At least the VidAngel titles have a “VidAngels Studios” label on them.

Current List of Devices

For now you can watch VidAngel movies on Google Play, Apple Store, Chromecast or Roku. They announced they intend to add Apple TV, Amazon Fire TV, AndroidTV, Samsung Smart TV, desktop, Playstation 4 and the Wii.

In addition, VidAngel plans to add more movie services such as Hulu, Apple TV, Vudu, Google Play and Showtime movies (through Amazon).

Unfortunately there are no Star Wars movies. So when they say you can filter out Jar Jar, that’s a thing of the past too. Here’s hoping this service won’t be shut down and will continue to expand. At this point the selection is small but I’m sure they will continue to add new titles since it’s still so new.

VidAngel Movies

Have you tried the new VidAngel to watch VidAngel movies? What do you think?

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