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Venta Review: An Amazing Air Purifier, Humidifier and Diffuser in One

This post was most recently updated on October 11th, 2019

Are you looking for ways to not only have a clean home but have the cleanest air and best smell in your home? At our house we have an air purifier and humidifiers but they are separate machines. We recently discovered Venta which is an air purifier, humidifier AND diffuser in one. Here’s our Venta Airwasher Review.

Venta Review

A dirty house is not just unpleasant (stressful) to live in, it can become a source of illness too. You scrub the floors, wipe the tables, wash your clothes, and clean your bathrooms, but what about the air? Do you wash the air? How can you deal with dust or odor in it? How can you make sure that the air you and all your family members are breathing is fine and won’t cause them any harm? The indoor air we breathe can be a source of pollution and dry air is another issue leading to dry lips, making allergies or asthma worse or even cause nosebleeds.

The answer to all these questions is one word: Airwasher. If you have no idea and are hearing the word “Airwasher” for the first time, I want to tell you how it works.

What is an Airwasher?

As the name suggests, an airwasher is a machine designed to improve indoor air quality by literally washing it. Since pollution is on the rise and climatic changes have different impact on the air we breathe in, this machine removes dust particles and allergens, all while adding humidity into the air. Venta comes in different sizes and offers different features, but overall they are to help you breathe in better quality air.

Venta Review

Why use an Airwasher?

If you suffer from breathing problems, have dry skin, allergies or a lot of dust/pet hair in your home, Venta is ideal for you. With air conditioners and heaters can come dry skin, chapped lips, and even nose bleeds. I hate when I wake up parched with a dry mouth or crusty nose from the dry air.

Air washers remove many types of household allergens—including dust, dust mites, pet dander, pet hair, mold spores, pollen, and other airborne particles—while adding moisture to the air.

Venta Review Video

If you want to see the Venta in action, check out this video with me and my friend, Diana.

Venta Review

Venta Review

I seem to have a fascination with things that clean with water that are manufactured overseas. It’s very enticing to clean with just water. That’s why I love our Shark for floors, our Dupray steam cleaner for just about everything and our Venta for the cleanest air. It’s a ‘must have’ product for our home.

Read this post to learn more how I was introduced to Venta and how it makes my entire home smell amazing – even my teen’s bedroom. It worked on my yucky kitchen smell, the musty upstairs linen closet smell and keeps everything fresh and clean smelling for days. WOW.

Venta Video – You’ll Never Believe What I Found Inside!

Click on the play button above to watch a short clip where I show you what was inside of my Venta this morning!

Our Venta rotates around the house now. It’s lightweight and uses tap water plus holds 2 gallons so we don’t need to refill it too often. It doesn’t have any filters to replace. It’s so easy. The only problem is – I need a few of them. Next I want one in the bathroom at my husband’s office. It smells at times and although we wish everyone would use Unicorn Gold, it’s not going to happen.

While most airwashers aim to deal with just dust but Venta also humidifies and lets you put essential oils into the air. Unlike those small diffusers, it’s for the whole room and can run 24 hours or longer on a single refill (depending on how dry your air is). It has 3 speeds – we usually have it on 2.

You can read more Venta reviews on Amazon here.

See how easy refilling a Venta is? Remove the disc and fill with regular tap water in the sink.

Venta Discount Code

Sorry to say that our code is no longer valid (it was given to us over a year ago, still love our Venta).

Features of Venta Airwasher

The Venta Airwashers performs 3 functions (purifying, humidifying and diffusing). So we can get rid of the air purifier ($100+) and humidifier ($35+) plus our small diffusers ($35+) and just use Venta. Not only do I replace these systems but Venta is very easy to use and clean. Since there are no filters I save the cost and hassle of replacing a filter and avoid the gross mold buildup I got in my cheaper machines. They can get pretty gross and are almost impossible to clean!

The model I have holds 2 gallons of tap water which is more than my other humidifier. If you replace your filter every 2 months for 10 years (it will never last that long) and spend around $10 on a filter, you’re looking at $1200 and a pile of waste.

While most machines only purify and humidify the air, with Venta Airwashers you can add essential oils to your air too. The airwashers have aromatherapy scents which includes the classic vanilla and also peppermint. I like their vanilla and the Refreshing scents so much that it’s tough for me to branch out and try the others. I did try the Eucalyptus but didn’t like it as much. I’ll try Citrus Garden in my kitchen next.

venta vanilla essential oil
This is my favorite Venta essential oil scent.

Essential oils are great for aromatherapy but they can also affect our health and mood. Just like the music we play inside or what’s in our house (the objects themselves or how cluttered the room is), the smell of a room can affect us too. It’s usually easier to think of the negative examples, like if your house smells of urine because your cat peed on the floor and you can’t get out the smell. It can be disturbing and it can make you feel sick too. Well a good smell can do the opposite. Depending on the scent, it can calm, invigorate or help ease a headache.

With the 3-in-1 function, Venta airwashers create better quality clean, pollutant free, scented air. You do not need to add anything to the water at all. Venta makes unscented air too – in other words it doesn’t require that you use essential oils (but it’s better with them).

I use other brand essential oils in my Venta but be aware that by doing that I void the warranty. I’m willing to take the risk but you need to decide if you are. Their essential oils are excellent. They’re unlike any I’ve smelled before. They are more of a syrupy consistency rather than a clear thin liquid. They come in larger wide-mouthed bottles that let you pour instead of drip it into the water. The glass is dark as to let less light in and preserve the potency.

Cold water Evaporation Technology

While most airwashers use either filters or traditional technology to purify and humidify, the Venta Airwashers use cold-evaporation technology. It identifies the right amount of moisture needed in an area so the air gets the right amount of humidity and won’t over-humidify the air. So some musicians use it to keep their instruments from getting too wet or dry.

Water and disc stacks collect pollutants or dust that then accumulates in the water.

Venta Sizes

Venta Airwasher comes in three different sizes:

  • Kuublet (LW15)
  • Kuube (LW25)
  • Kuubel (LW45)

The model names are German, as Venta originated in Germany. For a better understanding, the different specifications of the models are listed below:

Kuublet (LW15): The smallest out of the three offered sizes, perfect for a smaller bedroom, bathroom or closet.

Kuube (LW125): This is the medium sized airwasher, ideal for a master bedroom, office or kitchen.

Kuubel (LW45): The largest Venta which can clear up the air of the whole level of your home.

All of the above models also come in two different shades of grey and white and with their sleek design, they look good in any room.

Model/SizeWater CapacityRoom Size
LW15 10.2 in x 11 in x 12.2 in 1.4 gallons 200 square feet Click to Buy
LW25 11.8 in x 11.8 in x 13 in 2 gallons 400 square feet Click to Buy
LW45 17.7 in x 11.8 in x 13 in 3 gallons 800 square feet Click to Buy
Don’t forget to use code newspapermom to save an additional 10%!

Venta Cost

A machine this expensive to last at least 10 years with good care, which would be a yearly cost of around $35 a year with no additional expenses. I go through a $35 humidifier every 1-2 years, plus an air purifier every 4 years about.

  • Our humidifier costs around $35 runs up to 12 hours (half the time of Venta). We usually buy a new one every 2 or so years. They get moldy and are difficult to clean. Holds 1 gallon.
  • Our air purifier costs about $150 and has a filter that needs to be replaced in 3-5 years. Filters are about $70. It has a 5-year warranty.
  • The diffuser is maybe $15 but it’s very small and can only hold enough water for maybe 4 hours.

The Venta we have (the middle model) is $299 and has no filters. It can run for 24 hours or longer. It replaces all of these and is lightweight.

Venta has a 10 year warranty. Save your box in case you need to send it back at any point. I always do (I learned by experience).

Here is what Venta replaces – these photos were taken in my house. The humidifier and air purifier were recently replaced (so they are new). The air purifier doubles as white noise (Venta is quiet but I like a small amount of noise to help us sleep more deeply).

How to Clean Venta

Use the additive that comes with the Venta and clean every month or so as needed.

  1. Rinse everything except the motor with warm water first
  2. Fill the lower housing with about half a tank of warm water and add about a cup of vinegar.
  3. Use a sponge to rinse everything down with, starting with the upper housing, motor blades/gear housing, then the disks. Install in the lower housing, spin around several times, then wash out the lower housing. This seems to get things pretty clean.
  4. Rinse everything off with warm water, and allow everything to air dry for a couple of hours.

I usually just use a Norwex cloth to wipe it down. These are truly the best cloths that use only water to clean, just like Venta. They do the best job (I’ve tried ecloths and other brands but they’re not as good or durable). You can find a distributor or buy them on Amazon.

Drawbacks of the Venta

Ok every product has its drawbacks and Venta does too. My dream is that it had an autofill feature where I could hook it up to a water source and it would never ever run out of water. Plus I’d love it if I could feed in essential oils continuously. I want it to basically run all of the time. Additionally, I want to be able to use any essential oils without it voiding the warranty.

The light on the top for the speed and controls bothers me at night when I use the Venta in our bedroom. I put a piece of paper or tape over it. Ideally this would have a feature that lets you shut off the lights.

The fill line is slightly confusing – I want ONE line that’s simple to see. When I’m filling it I don’t want to squint to see which line I need to fill to.

Last of all I’d like to have a pattern that lines up where you put the top and bottom parts together. It’s not hard but that would make it even more simple.


When it comes to our health or the overall well being, we tend to take a lot of precautions, but somehow we forget indoor air that we’re breathing. While not all of it can be controlled, a Venta Airwasher can filter the harmful pollutants in the air, while maintaining the humidity level and adding in scents or the health benefits of essential oils (aromatherapy).

I would definitely want a Venta in my baby’s room in the Winter. Having one in the living room/kitchen area gives everyone who comes into your home an incredible first impression. They might not be able to say what it is but your home will feel and smell so good!

Venta airwashers are easy to use and even easier to maintain, which makes it an ideal option for home or office use. So if you have been sick, have allergies or breathing problems, (or maybe just notice how dry your air is indoors), switch on an airwasher and feel your air get more fresh and clean.

4 thoughts on “Venta Review: An Amazing Air Purifier, Humidifier and Diffuser in One”

  • Hi Mom’s! 😁
    I was wondering if you could kill the music when you do the run test on different levels so I could actually hear the machine itself instead of the music.

    Also I noticed 3 sizes but only two links to their products. I’m actually interested in the whole house size. Would love for y’all to get the credit for the purchase.

    Thanks and Great review. You make me want to go get one.

  • Hi Jeanne,
    We’ve had the Venta for a long time now and it’s still going strong! Maybe we should do a follow up and make sure not to have the music playing so you can hear that. I’ve lent it to two families and both of them bought one because they loved it so much. It makes your home smell so good!

    This is the largest one: Venta Kuube XL-T Large Space Airwasher Humidifier. For spaces up to 2,700 square feet. Here’s our link: https://amzn.to/30Fwvs2 We only get paid if you buy within 24 hours of clicking on our link. So if you have already, just use another browser.

    It’s so thoughtful of you to ask for and use our link.

    If we didn’t see it in real life we never would’ve known about it. Our dream is that Diana can get one (she’s paying off her last baby – he was an expensive kid thanks to infertility treatments).

    Thanks for your feedback, we appreciate it.

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