Rodizio Grill Salt Lake City Review + Giveaway

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Rodizio Grill Salt Lake Review

Update: Rodizio Grill in Salt Lake has a Groupon special going on right now. I will remove this when it expires but I think it’s a great Father’s Day gift idea!!! It’s not good for use on Father’s Day itself but can save you $30 or more. Check it out here (I’m an affiliate).

The giveaway has ended – the winner’s name is listed at the end of this post. Thanks to everyone who entered – it is now CLOSED.

Rodizio Grill has several locations, including 3 in Utah. You can make reservations online on their website.

Address: 600 S 700 E, Salt Lake City, UT 84102 upstairs at Trolley Square
Phone: (801) 220-0500

Note: Rodizio’s food is 100% MSG Free, 100% Peanut Free, and they do have some gluten free grilled items also.

Limited Time Menu: Rodizio Americano BBQ Fest

I recently went to Rodizio Brazilian Steakhouse to try out their summer Rodizio Americano BBQ Fest. I went with a group of bloggers (our meal was comped) and we were trying out the new menu that starts next month. They’ve added several barbecue selections to their regular meal. The menu is the same but it has more! The limited time menu added barbecued ribs, chicken, and smoked brisket (which is with the salad bar), mac and cheese, and corn bread, along with their all-you-care-to-eat Brazilian menu. This will run from July 1 to Labor Day at all Rodizio Grill locations. The ribs were tender and flavorful however, I wouldn’t go just for the bbq (to me it’s not the best part but it does add even more variety and things to try). Instead I’d go for the whole experience.

How Rodizio Grill Works

This wasn’t my first time going to Rodizio but it’s been years. It’s still as it was all those years ago. Handsome men come to your table with meat that they carve off for you and put onto your plate. You can keep trying everything until you’re too full to eat any more! It’s one of the types of restaurants that is fun to eat at if you have a large group. Everyone talks and it’s interactive and the dinner is part of the entertainment.

I tried just about every meat that came around, with sirloin being a favorite, along with the bacon wrapped chicken. It’s fun to try all of the different things they bring to your table. You can take just a little to try it, or ask for a lot. The surprising thing is just how full you get! I liked the addition of the ribs. I also had some of the salad bar, including the cucumber, egg, and parmesan cheese. The cucumber was crisp and fresh. I didn’t try any of the salads that were already made. The buffet bar adds variety and fresh vegetables to your meal. Some would say that’s a waste but while I love meat, I needed some lighter fare to balance it out.


My favorite is always the grilled, sweet pineapple. I could just eat that!


You’re probably not going to go along with me on this one but I think they have the best black beans (actually called a stew or feijoada) and rice. It has pieces of bacon and sausage and is smokey and delicious. I’m dying to try and make it but when I saw the recipes I thought maybe I can just go back and eat some more another time. It’s quite involved.


I tried the traditional Brazilian limeade, which is not as tart or strong as I like but was still a good counterpoint to the heartiness of everything else. Here I am with my friend Emily.



I’m not sure how you can have room to eat dessert but since they provided the meal for us I wanted to try as much as I could, so I tried the chocolate cake. I loved the ice cream and sauce, it was rich and high quality. I could’ve just eaten that. The chocolate cake was Brazilian style which means it was super moist in the center, almost as if it had been soaked in a sauce. The outside frosting had chocolate sprinkles. It’s not super rich or strong like I expected it to be. It came with sliced bananas and fresh whipped cream drizzled with chocolate sauce. Honestly, I wouldn’t order it again and I love chocolate. It was still delicious but to me it just couldn’t compare to the creme brûlée (I don’t have a photo).


The caramelized sugar top was not soft which meant it was fresh (I can’t stand it when it’s soft) and the custard creamy but not too think or sweet custard. It was everything I want in creme brûlée but rarely find. The texture was silky and smooth contrasted with the sugar. It was like a pudding consistency and to me, just right. I don’t love it when the center is too thick. They also had Key Lime Pie, cheesecake, and flan. All are generous portions so you may want to share like we did.

Giveaway Time!

Rodizio Grill gave me 2 gift certificates for a complimentary “Full Rodizio” dinner to give away. The price includes the buffet, salad bar, and the  grilled meats. All of these are all-you-can-eat.  It doesn’t say a location so it looks like you can use it at any of their locations.

To enter the giveaway, just leave a comment at the end of this post. Say what you like most about Rodizio Grill or if you haven’t been, what you’d like to try. I will draw a winner on Monday, June 6, 2016 at 9pm MST and post the winners name on this blog. You need to leave your email so I can contact you. If I do not hear back within 24 hours I will draw another name.

UPDATE: The winner is comment #3 – Rachel Segovia. Please check your email so I can get your address and mail you your gift certificate!!


21 thoughts on “Rodizio Grill Salt Lake City Review + Giveaway”

  • I loooooooove the grilled pineapple also! Meat on swords is fun too. Thanks 🙂

  • What’s not to like. I love everything. But my favorite is how you can try a little bit of everything

  • I haven’t been there in ages! I’d love to sample a little bit of everything! We are definitely carnivores in this household. 🙂

  • I don’t believe I’ve tried this place or if I have gone, it’s just been once a very long time ago. I am a huge fan of grilled pineapple and sirloin so I think I’d fill my plate with those! I don’t mind going to the salad bar because I like to balance my meal out a bit too 😉 Great review!

  • My husband would faint if I won this. That is how much he loves meat in general and Rodizio Grill in particular! Me, you had me at creme brûlée and flan – my very favorite desserts.

  • That was wonderful food! I’m glad I could go with you. It’s my hubby’s favorite restaurant by far. Their creme brulee is the best I’ve had. Thanks for taking me with. It was so much fun and delicious!

  • You’re welcome! It was the best creme brulee and so fun to go with you!

  • Good luck! I want to try the flan next. I bet it is as good or even better than the creme brulee and it’s hard to find good flan! My go to is Costa Vida since it’s close to where we live. Next time I’m near Trolley though…I rarely get dessert but I felt like it was my duty to do a thorough review 😉

  • That is the best part – being able to try so many dishes in one meal. 🙂

  • I wish I could recreate it at home! I’ve tried but there’s is much better!

  • Yes, meat on swords! I didn’t ever realize that the waiters carry swords. Ha!

  • I LOVE Rodizio! Their pineapple is the best, but seriously I don’t think I’ve eaten anything bad there! I’d love to take my husband!

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