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Purple Introduces New Powerbase High Tech Adjustable Bed

I recently got to go to Purple’s headquarters and try out Purple’s newest product, the Purple powerbase adjustable bed base! This is a high tech fully featured adjustable bed makes your bed do so much more than just lie there! It gently massages your tired body (feet and head) with 5 settings. When your spouse snores you just hit the snore button to adjust them to a more airway open position. Last of all, if you have a bad back and cannot sleep lying on it, don’t hit the armchair, just push the anti gravity button!

What is Purple Powerbase?

The Purple Powerbase is a bed base for Purple mattress that gives your bed high tech features, the ability to move up and down, get a massage and more. It’s great for people who want an adjustable bed with some tech to make it easy to operate and to accommodate your needs. If you’re pregnant and on bedrest. Or, if you are caring for your elderly parents who have difficulty getting in/out of bed (or who cannot). Last of all, it’s great for anyone who wants to work in bed. It has USB ports so you can plug in your laptop, your phone and your iPad. The powerbase combines the comfort of a Purple mattress with a powerful base that adjusts to your needs.

In the past people who bought adjustable beds because they had too – for health or because they’re older and bedridden but today more and more people consider them a luxury. The powerbase is about being comfortable.

I took Alexis with me to check it out…

Purple powerbase

How does it Work?

Does your mattress just lie there lifeless? Purple just came out with a powerbase for your bed. In addition to being an adjustable bed that raises your head and/or feet, it’s high tech. The powerbase has many built in features to make it super easy to use and comfortable. It holds your Purple mattress(es) plus has remote controls (or app) that has power features which I’ll detail below. The powerbase is basically an adjustable bed on steroids.

The king size comes in split so if you want to control them separately you need to order two twin XL mattresses. This option is ideal for couples or anyone who shares a bed. That way you each operate your side how you want it and with your own remote or app. The other sizes are for just one mattress. You can operate the powerbase with the Purple app OR with the remote control. All size mattresses work with the base and take the place of a box spring or platform.

Don’t wait if you’re interested! Purple mattresses are so popular that they often sell out. Same with the powerbase. They have higher than expected demand. So if you want this bed, order it now. It may go out of stock at any time and that means more waiting for you.

Purple Powerbase Demo Video

We got to try out the powerbase at Purple Headquarters! Here’s our demo with an official Purple expert…

Purple powerbase remote control

The ‘No Snore’ Button

I remember saying that Purple mattress is everything I could want in a mattress except one thing: it couldn’t stop my husband from snoring. That has now become the #1 reason that I lose sleep (except for when he’s sick and coughs – it’s very loud). Well, a few days ago, I got to go to the Purple showroom and test out the new Purple power base. And guess what? It has a SNORE BUTTON.

Your husband (or wife, or whoever) is snoring and you are bugged. Normally you nudge them. If that doesn’t work, you push them. Then, in exasperation, even though you feel like shouting SHUT UP, you go sleep on the couch or in another room. Either way, you feel it the next morning. You’re grouchy and sleep deprived. You wonder if this sharing beds thing is a good idea and start daydreaming of separate beds just so you can sleep uninterrupted.

Now, you just grab the remote control and press the no snoring button. Purple power base quietly and gently elevates your significant other’s head so it’s at the right angle to open their airways. Hence, no more snoring!! I haven’t tried it yet so no promises.

I cannot wait to try this feature!

Built in Massage

At our house we love massage and we joke that we could never get tired of getting them. We get them on vacation, we have subscriptions to Massage Envy. We take turns giving each other foot and hand massages. Oh and we bought a foot massager from Costco. Massage is a big part of our life. So this is a HUGE SELLING POINT. It has 5 settings. We won’t tell if you use them to take a nap or just randomly during the day.

Alarm System to Wake you Up Gently

Instead of an alarm clock this bed will gently vibrate and build up to a more powerful motion to wake you up gradually. I love that because I don’t like a lot of noise in the morning. I would much rather wake up to a feeling than my phone alarm or an alarm clock. This is one of those features I didn’t know I would want until I heard about it.

Purple powerbase

Under Bed Lighting

The bed has lighting underneath in the base that is gentle and provides light for you at night without harsh lights that hurt your eyes. Or, if you wake up and need to get out of bed, you can use this light so you can see your way without waking another person up.

Sleep like an Astronaut in Space with No Gravity

Besides a no snoring button there’s an anti gravity button. After all, Purple was created by a rocket scientist – they should know about space! Really, it’s about being weightless and having no pressure on your body as you sleep. I wish I had this when I was pregnant because I got swollen feet. Well, you can use the power base to elevate your legs.

Elevated legs are great for those with lower back pain, swollen feet, or high blood pressure. It’s also gentle on your organs, so it’s perfect for soothing stomach aches and cramps.

Purple Powerbase Reviews

Want to see what actual Purple Powerbase owners are saying? Read Purple Powerbase reviews…

This company gets it. You can review it all you want but I love what I paid for. The power base makes the purple bed more than just a bed, it gives you control over how you want to relax in your bed. Is it needed no, am I glad I have it? 100 percent. 10/10 purple. – James R

And another review:

I absolutely love my Purple mattress but when coupled with the power base, it’s like sleeping on a cloud. The antigravity setting is amazing. I sleep like the dead and wake up with no back pain whatsoever. I’ve had lower back pain for years and since sleeping on my Purple with the power base, my back pain has improved immensely. The craftsmanship of the base is top notch as is the mattress. So impressed with the quality at such a low price. 

I recommend my Purple to everyone I talk to. Only downside, I find it very difficult to get out of bed in the morning.

Purple Powerbase Price and Sizes

Right now Purple is running a special that they say is until supplies last. Buy a mattress and they’ll take up to $500 on a Purple PowerBase (which is their adjustable bed).

Purple base pricesThe Purple powerbase is a premium product and yet it is priced comparably with other mattress brand’s powerbase models with similar features. Here are the powerbase size and prices. The prices DO NOT include the cost or weight of the mattress.

Weights & Dimensions for Powerbase
Base Height (no legs)” 7”
Three-in-One Legs: 3”, 5.25”, or 8.25”
Total PowerBase: 10”, 12.25”, or 15.25”
You can modify the height of your mattress base with optional leg attachments. There are four 3” pieces and four 5.25” pieces to give you three height options: 3”, 5.25”, or 8.25” off the floor. They are easy to install too, you just screw them into place.
Want to be even higher off the ground? Get 2 sets or a set of 3” extenders to make it a total of 11.25” off the floor. You could keep going and get taller. But going too tall isn’t a good idea.  Go over 11.25” and you’ll void the 20-year warranty.
Weight Limit
The PowerBase can support up to 850 pounds, including the weight of the mattress.
Purple Powerbase Size Price Weight
Twin XL Length: 80” Width: 38” $1399 114 lbs
Queen Length: 80” Width: 60” $1499 144 lbs
Split King Length: 80” Width: 38” x2 (total 76”) $2798 114 lbs x2 (total 228 lbs)

What’s Included?

The following is included with every PowerBase:

  • Purple™ PowerBase (1)
  • Base Legs (4) (adjustable for 3 height options)
  • Wireless Remote Control (1) & AAA Batteries (3)
  • Remote Stand (1)
  • Optional Mattress Retainer Bars (2)
  • 9-Volt Batteries (in case of power emergency)
  • Tools and hardware required for setup
    • Allen Wrench (1)
    • Retainer Bare Bolt & Plate (4 each)
  • App for iPhone and Android coming soon!

NO Box Springs Required, Fits Most Bed Frames

You don’t need box springs with any Purple mattress and in this case, the power base and a Purple mattress is all that you need. Talk about no pressure – Purple has done everything they can possibly do to give you the best sleep of your life. But even more than that they want you to sleep like kings and queens (royalty).

Purple powerbase can be on its own or you can put it on most bed frames. I think it looks much better on a bed frame. This one is gorgeous!

Purple adjustable bed platform
Love the modern bed frame Purple featured in this photo? Me too. I asked them what brand it was and found the exact platform bed they used. Click on the photo to go to the platform pictured above.

If you’re curious about other options, read this article with adjustable bed reviews and comparisons.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you use king sheets and mattress protector on the powerbase?  Or do you have to buy twins?
You order two twin XL mattresses, two sets of twin XL sheets and two mattress protectors to go with it if you were ordering the entire set.

What mattress do I order if I want a split king?
Order two twin XL mattresses.

Will there be an Android app for the Bluetooth Accessory Module of the Purple Powerbase?
Yes, the company is working on it.

Can you use the powerbase with other mattress brands?
Yes but of course it has to be flexible – a regular mattress won’t work.

How many outlets are there?
2 A/C outlets on the back and one USB port on the front.

This blog post from Purple has a lot more information if you still have any questions.

Purple Powerbase 20 Year Warranty

Yes, Purple has a warranty. It is a 20 Year Limited Warranty. Unfortunately, there is no trial period or returns. However, you can go into the showroom in Alpine Utah to test it out.

20 Year Limited Warranty

Buy Now, Pay Later Payment Plan

Want a Purple power base bed but don’t have the cash up front to get it? Since the powerbase is a high-end product, Purple has a payment plan so you can split your purchase into easy monthly installments.

It’s their most premium product so it comes with a higher price tag. However, Purple does have a financing option with Affirm so you can pay as you go but enjoy your incredible sleep now.

Affirm is a financing alternative to credit cards and other credit products. They give you a real-time decision so you can purchase your Purple right then and there! Get as low as 0% APR for 6 months* when you finance your Purple Bed with Affirm. Get flexible monthly payments with bank transfer, check or debit card options.

No hidden fees—what you see at checkout is what you’ll pay. Again, waiting could mean backorders, so if I were you I wouldn’t wait around.

Go to Purple’s website to learn more about Purple power base.

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