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Purple Introduces New Powerbase High Tech Adjustable Bed

Ok, onward with my obsession with Purple! You can see my Purple mattress review (we’ve had ours for over a year now), Purple platform that is used in place of box springs, and things to go with your Purple mattress.

I recently got to go to Purple’s headquarters and try out Purple’s newest product, the Purple powerbase!

What is Purple Powerbase?

The Purple Powerbase is a bed base for Purple mattress that gives your bed high tech features, the ability to move up and down, get a massage and more. It’s great for people who want an adjustable bed with some tech to make it easy to operate and to accommodate your needs. If you’re pregnant and on bedrest. Or, if you are caring for your elderly parents who have difficulty getting in/out of bed (or who cannot). Last of all, it’s great for anyone who wants to work in bed. It has USB ports so you can plug in your laptop, your phone and your iPad. The powerbase combines the comfort of a Purple mattress with a powerful base that adjusts to your needs.

In the past people who bought adjustable beds because they had too – for health or because they’re older and bedridden but today more and more people consider them a luxury. The powerbase is about being comfortable.

I took Alexis with me to check it out…

Purple powerbase

How does it Work?

Does your mattress just lie there lifeless? Purple just came out with a powerbase for your bed. In addition to being an adjustable bed that raises your head and/or feet, it’s high tech. The powerbase has many built in features to make it super easy to use and comfortable. It holds your Purple mattress(es) plus has remote controls (or app) that has power features which I’ll detail below. The powerbase is basically an adjustable bed on steroids.

The king size comes in split so if you want to control them separately you need to order two twin XL mattresses. This option is ideal for couples or anyone who shares a bed. That way you each operate your side how you want it and with your own remote or app. The other sizes are for just one mattress. You can operate the powerbase with the Purple app OR with the remote control. All size mattresses work with the base and take the place of a box spring or platform.

Don’t wait if you’re interested! Purple mattresses are so popular that they often sell out. Same with the powerbase. They have higher than expected demand. So if you want this bed, order it now. It may go out of stock at any time and that means more waiting for you.

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