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Purple Mattress Powder – Is it Dangerous?

Purple Mattress White Powder Controversy

In the past week I’ve been attacked by people (not literally, no one beat me up in person) who have heard the controversy over Purple mattress and the white powdery substance that is inside of the mattress.

The same substance is also inside of the pillow which is where we first noticed it. Since you can unzip the pillow cover it was easy to see. I thought it was strange and later visited the factory in Utah. While I was there I watched workers apply the powder to the purple gel – or top layer of the mattress. I had no breathing issues, there was no scent, I had zero concerns. I literally think there’s more risk from baby powder because it is actually airborne.

Is Purple Mattresses Dangerous??

While at the factory, I asked about it the white powder. The staff informed me that they added it to keep the gel layer from sticking to itself. That’s only a problem because the mattress is rolled up tightly and compressed so they can ship it to your house in a box. If you ever get a sample of the purple gel stuff (they put samples with your order), you will know that it really does stick to itself. It’s simply a packing material to keep the gel from sticking to itself when the mattress is rolled up and compressed tightly so that it can be shipped. This was a smear campaign and I’m happy to see scientific evidence showing that it has no validity.

Why Purple Has the White Powder

I asked Dan in marketing about the white powder because I was curious what the white powder was for. Here’s a demo of the gel stuff and why you need to add something so it doesn’t compress and stick together. They call these Purple squishies.

What About the White Powder Warnings About the Plastic Particles in the Purple Honeycomb Part of the Mattress?

I took one photo of the white stuff – wish it was better and that I took more. I was curious about WHY they used it and had no reason to question or be concerned about it.

Purple mattress powder
This is a picture of workers putting powder on the Purple gel. It’s a very small amount. If I’d known this was so controversial I would’ve taken more/better pictures! I took exactly two.

Is HONEST Mattress Reviews HONEST?

Honest Mattress Reviews posted a video expressing concern about the white powder.  Interesting enough the website owner Ryan Monahan never allows comments and is really good at creating controversy. Ryan says he tried to determine EXACTLY what the white powder is. He has asthma and didn’t want to take any chances. When he didn’t get a full answer and was later sued by Purple, it only made him more determined to get an answer. The problem is he works or worked for a competitor – Ghostbed. It’s clear that he’s biased towards Ghostbed but paints himself as a victim when he’s really on a smear campaign.

Ryan said he thought they had something to hide.  This lawyer addresses the conflicts of interest that Honest Mattress Reviews has…I’m also suspicious on how Ryan gets paid. Maybe it’s not an affiliate link but he’s definitely using tracking links. Even if the entire purpose of the site is to discredit competitors (Purple being the biggest one) he’s getting paid. Which is fine, it’s just not honest.

From my perspective I never worried about the white powder or thought it was a health risk, I was simply curious about it. Still, people said I should be concerned.

Ryan Monahan is very good at inciting people. He even used a photo from my blog (click here to read my article about Purple pillows) without my permission.

IF THE POWDER WAS AFFECTING ME – don’t you think I’d notice it from putting my face on that pillow again and again and literally breathing in and out all night long? The pillow should be the real test — not the mattress.

If you’re worried about the powder maybe you should order a pillow as a test first! Incidentally, I unzipped my pillows and the powder is hardly visible at all now. It’s already absorbed into the pillow material.


white powder on a purple mattress
Photo @Copyright 2017 Newspapermom.com

Later the story hit the front page of Reddit and I started to get very angry comments from people who were sure that I was poisoning myself and putting my family’s health at risk. They call me a sellout and worse.

I want to point out that not only do my husband and I sleep on Purple, our 5-year old has also. We have all happily and soundly slept on a Purple mattress for over a year now. There is no other mattress we like more. So we should know if there was any problem. However, people were very insistent that I was taking a horrible risk. Here’s an example (I deleted the ones that just swore at me).

Enjoy possibly inhaling that plastic powder each night. From a video I’ve seen it could be completely unsafe and should have WARNINGS considering the safety of you and your family is more important than comfort. This company also filed a lawsuit on a man for asking them 4 questions concerning the powder. The man had his lawyer send in the product for testing to a leading Harvard doctor and scientist and the results were that the micro plastic balls had the potential to be inhaled and cause respiratory irritation. In my opinion you should do your research first before you buy this product. 


 Click here to read What We Think of Our Purple Mattress

Putting the White Powder Issue to Rest (or to Bed)

Purple Publishes a Third Party Scientific Study of Possible Health Risks of Powder

Purple recently posted a third party study conducted at the Center for Toxicology and Environmental Health. It basically says you have a higher health risk breathing dust in the air than the powder. 

“the potential exposure levels to Purple® mattress consumers …indicate that polyethylene copolymer exposures would be hundreds of times lower than everyday particulate dust levels that have been determined to be safe even for sensitive individuals. Therefore, there is no scientific or toxicological basis for suggesting that Purple® mattresses represent a consumer health risk.”


“the potential polyethylene copolymer exposure from using a Purple® mattress is orders of magnitude less than 24-hour NAAQS value designed to protect even the most sensitive members of the U.S. population from adverse health effects resulting from a continuous, lifetime exposure to environmental PM2.5. Unpacking and using a Purple® mattress may potentially result in polyethylene copolymer exposures that are approximately 8-times and 325-times lower than the PM2.5 NAAQS. This analysis provides high confidence that adverse health effects will not occur in any consumers from inhaling or touching polyethylene copolymer powder that may migrate from a Purple® mattress over the lifetime of the mattress.” READ THE FULL REPORT HERE: https://ooct02lw8lz4birov2w1j67g-wpengine.netdna-ssl.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/05/Final-Polyethylene-Copolymer-Safety-Assessment-5.4.2017.pdf

How to Protect Yourself In Case Nothing Purple or Scientists Say Satisfies You

Honest Mattress Review doesn’t allow comments on his posts. No matter what happens it seems like they don’t seem to back down and continue to focus on this. My question is if you’re so worried about the white powder, why not use what everyone should have on their bed anyway – a mattress protector!

Here’s is my favorite mattress protector brand that you can find on Amazon and is the brand of mattress protectors sold by many major mattress retailers.

A mattress protector will protect you from the bacteria, dust mites, old skin cells and other junk that is inside everyone’s mattress (and that you could be breathing in every night as you lay innocently sleeping). Also, a mattress protector will keep your bed clean. Obviously, you can’t put your mattress in the washing machine, but you can wash your mattress protector! A mattress protector will prolong the life of your mattress too. Food and other particles will degrade your mattress over time. Keeping it covered and clean means you keep sweat, liquids and other things from going into your mattress and anything coming out of it.

I want to know if the people complaining have ever

  • Slept on a Purple for a significant length of time (we’ve slept on our for over a year)
  • Ever slept on or touched a Purple mattress (unlikely)
  • Have actually been to the factory where the white powder is applied

Note: if after reading this you still have concerns, you can look at an Intellibed which is a higher end non toxic gel mattress like Purple. Read more about Intellibed.

Here’s some video I took at Purple…

I don’t have allergies. I don’t have problems breathing. I probably have more risk from using my cell phone as much as I do! Anyway, I tried to find others who have slept on Purple to see if there was any mention of issues. I picked Amazon since the Purple cannot control the reviews there. I didn’t see any mention of any issues there – even from the few lower star reviews.

Look at the reviews for yourself – this link is an affiliate link that goes directly to the reviews for a king size Purple mattress on Amazon (affiliate). There are over 400 reviews. I’ve referred many friends to Purple and when I follow up they say they don’t want to get out of bed in the morning because their mattress is so comfortable.

Purple is still my favorite mattress – I’ve tested a few other mattresses and will continue to test them (because one brand truly doesn’t fit all). However, we prefer Purple and plan to always have a Purple mattress.

What do you think about the Purple mattress powder?

And if you disagree with anything I’ve said, please keep your comments respectful – any comments that are derogatory or have profanity will not be published. 


37 thoughts on “Purple Mattress Powder – Is it Dangerous?”

  • I love that you went in-depth in this review. It’s scary when someone goes on a crusade trying to convince others something toxic might be in their home. For years we were told put babies on their back, their side, their tummy, no now their backs. We’ve gone through eggs being bad for cholesterol and cancer causing, to orange juice isn’t good for you. The truth is nothing on this planet is truly all out healthy unless you live on an island somewhere remotely away from everything. We are living in a society where we are putting ourselves in plastic bubbles because of so much fear I honestly believe we are doing more harm than good. I didn’t even need to be at the warehouse you were at to guess it was a talc they were using because just like feet sticking to rubber in shoe talc was used to dry things out and make it more pliable. I’m glad you did your review and brought this to light. Thank you for your honesty as a blogger and mother. For those who left you nasty comments, that’s just awful. We doo what we think is best for our families that includes using the products we feel are safe and healthy. Even if it turned out unhealthy that doesn’t mean we don’t love our kids. It means we learn as we go. I’m glad you ignored the riff raff calling you out, keep up the great work on your articles and thanks again for your honest post on this.

  • Thank you Jodi, I can tell you understand. It can get out of control. Of course if there were any symptoms or reports that showed issues I’d have a different response. Honestly, the chemicals they use to make mattresses fire retardant are often known to be toxic. You’re right, just about anything could be bad for you and it can be overwhelming. Attacking people for not agreeing with you is not helpful no matter what! Thank you so much for your comment – it means a lot. Thankfully I haven’t heard from the band of people who were so angry in a while and continue to love our Purple mattress.

    Blog on,

  • Dude you sound like the opposite of Ryan, a stooge for Purple. If you’re not, you are a fool of the highest order. “Ohhh I don’t have any problem or worries breathing in some unknown chemicals every night for the rest of my life, they are so my pillow doesn’t stick to itself! That makes it SAFE!”.

    Brainwashed moron.

  • I have only come across this controversy, since I am in the market for a mattress. It is my opinion that you’re review of this product is not reliable. I make a living as a quality engineer. What does that mean? My job scope includes inspecting product, at deep levels, to ensure quality and meet customer specifications. I also happen to be trained as an internal auditor, I ensure that systems and procedures are alive and well by ensuring that the quality management system is in tact. This means I have learned to ask the right questions when conducting continuous improvement efforts, root cause activity or following an audit trail. Why am I explaining this? Because after reading this article, I can say that the right questions were either not asked or they were not published. Your questions concerning the white powder should have been what is the exposure rating, toxicity rating, have there been testing performed to see how it affects persons with respiratory issues and simply, what is the powder? For you to claim that a concerned reviewer is asking technical safety questions and to be considered a biased reviewer has no relevance as to why the questions were not answered. Public reviewers are not a reliable source for this issue since the majority are not qualified to give qualified technical feedback on the powder in question. So the Honest Mattress Review and concerns are still valid. You have not addressed the issue nor made me feel that this mattress is safe. You have only convinced me that you are somehow biased in your investigation by using the concerned parties name and not establishing any contradicting evidence otherwise. All you had was hearsay from floor personnel. Send out some samples and report on what the results are. Find out what it is and what known health impacts have been tested for those elements. Then I’ll consider this article bonafide….don’t forget to state your testing labs so their accreditation can be confirmed.

  • Did you read the report from a lab? https://ooct02lw8lz4birov2w1j67g-wpengine.netdna-ssl.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/05/Final-Polyethylene-Copolymer-Safety-Assessment-5.4.2017.pdf
    I talked about it and linked to it. You’re correct I’m not an expert in this and I’m giving my opinion. If you have concerns then you need to access the risks. I’m simply saying for me not to have any reaction or symptoms or concerns is my right. There are plenty of products (like our cell phones) that carry a level of risk I’m willing to live with. If you’re not, that’s fine too. I’m not pretending to be a scientist or quality engineer.

    I’d love to hear your conclusion Rudy if you do more research. I do consider Honest Mattress Reviews a biased source because he doesn’t accept comments and isn’t trained as an engineer either. He had a professor give an opinion, which is something anyone can do. Besides, like I said, almost every product has risks and it wouldn’t be tough to get someone at Harvard to state that. I’m not discounting that there are concerns just that I don’t feel it’s serious enough for me not to sleep on Purple. Each person must read and study it to see what they think.

    There are no actual studies or conclusive health risks linked to the white powder – it’s too new. I’m hopeful they’ll change it to eliminate concerns but any powder can justifiably have them – since by definition powders can be inhaled.


  • Funny i just commented on one of his posts there were hundreds of comments. I don’t know where you are getting that he doesn’t allow comments. All I needed to hear was that it was plastic powder to be out lol food grade plastic powder he says. LoL. My brother was perfectly healthy and got occupational asthma from inhaling plastic powder in the factory he has worked at for years. How long has this powder been tested it is a new product after all do we know the long term affects. I am not willing to risk my health for this stupid matress.

  • 1.) It has been confirmed that it is plastic microspheres
    2.) Plastic microspheres do not biodegrade or is water soluble
    3.) If you breathe it into your lungs, your lungs have no way of removing it from the Alveoli unless hacked up by mucus
    4.) If you accumulate enough of this stuff in your lungs, breathing capacity would be reduced
    5.) It has not been definitively proven that plastic micro-spheres are non toxic/carinogenic when breathed. It seems that non biodegradable materials of any microscopic size are typically and eventually determined to be harmful.

  • I have no thoughts about the product good or bad my concern is the image of the workers applying the powder that were not wearing any form of breathing protection
    In the UK this would be enough for the Health and safety executive to take the company to court regardless of how ‘safe’ the powder is claimed to be

  • I don’t see the problem with answering a few simple questions by HMR. It was the purple mattress peeps who blew this out of proportion. I have no interest in a purple mattress now.

    Beware the Streisand Effect.

  • The report you refer to from the center of toxicology and enviormental health actually creates more questions. This is a company that can be paid for such services without disclosing it. (Hence a ” “funded” study) i wonder who funded it?they surely didnt do this out of boredom. The ability of a substance to penetrate your system is also dictated by the size of the particle. Ill save everyone the “boring science”. Simply put, theres 2 problems here, 1: as a body of people we rely entirely too much on others to interpret for us and then critisize them when they manipulate our understanding. 2: you saying youve “slept on it for over a year” and that “you would notice if something was wrong” is about the silliest arguement for “safe” I have ever heard. Thats like saying i smoked for a year and no cancer so its fiiiinnne. lol. I hope this substance is harmless as i intended to purchase tgis myself, however I choose not to be a guinea pig for any corporation. Go back and research some of the tricks of the trade from good ol phillip morris co. They all follow the blueprint. We arent warpping ourselves in fear. We are being vigilant against corporate americas profit at the piblics expense with 0 reprocussions.

  • Every single part of this–the wording, formatting, ads, sounds like whoever wrote this was paid by purple. “If you’re not sure about the mattress, buy a pillow first!” 100% never going to buy anything fromantic purple after reading this extremely suspicious and poorly written blog article.

  • I wish Purple paid me to write it! I was trying to copy the style of Honest Mattress Reviews which is very sensational, bold letters, caps, etc.

  • I’ve opened a pillow where I could literally see the powder and a month later, nothing there. I believe the polymer or whatever the gel is made of (mineral oil??) absorbed it completely. It’s not airborne, it’s inside a part of the mattress. I’m not a scientist but as I’ve said before I think we’re getting more harm from cell phones we use every day. That said, if you’re concerned don’t get a Purple.

  • Which post? I checked it months ago and didn’t find a way to comment. Now there is a Facebook comments plugin but I only see a few comments…

  • ERIC C, where has it \”been confirmed.\” If it\’s been confirmed, post some source links please, because I\’ve found nothing and I\’ve been looking for days for any evidence that says what you\’re claiming.

    REN L + WILL, so basically what you\’re saying is that NOTHING Purple says will convince you that the mattresses are safe. \”Honest\” Mattress Reviews asked questions, Purple answered them to the best of their ability. now you and HMRs cult members are saying their answers aren\’t good enough. Not only that, but everyone that calls you out on your nonsense is automatically a \”paid shill for Purple\” who you vehemently attack and call sellouts.

    JANET THAELER, thank you for your calm review and your pictures / detailed explanations. I would ignore the HMR cult that for some reason have jumped on board with an obvious crook trying to drive customers away from Purple and into the arms of his own company. Nothing anyone says will convince them Purple is actually telling the truth.

  • James! Yes there isn’t any evidence that anyone is or has suffered from the powder, even if they sleep on the pillow which has the highest concentration and is right by your mouth.

    You’re right, it’s a cult and nothing will satisfy them. Your comment made my day. It’s one of the few that aren’t attacking me for not being alarmed.

    Rock on

  • “ERIC C, where has it \”been confirmed.\” If it\’s been confirmed, post some source links please, because I\’ve found nothing and I\’ve been looking for days for any evidence that says what you\’re claiming.”

    Then you clearly haven’t been looking very hard since it’s even stated by the lab analysis paid for by Purple. This lab report is the same one Janet T posted a few posts earlier.

  • Janet, I have been debating these people for days and they all are EXTREMELY dogmatic about defending the Ghostbed guy…. I seriously don\’t get it… I\’ve been reading through review after review, and scouring the internet for both sides of the argument. They all claim that there are \”confirmed cases\” about asthma sufferers having attacks, but the only \”evidence\” I have of any of that is from the Honest Mattress Review video, which is automatically suspect. You\’d think if there were \”confirmed cases\” we\’d have seen it on the news, on the Better Business Bureau, or in the Amazon reviews…. even personal blogs! But I can find nothing that doesn\’t tie directly back to the \”Honest\” Mattress Reviews page.

    Honestly, after seeing his \”honest\” review, I almost passed on buying the Purple. But once I found out he worked for Ghostbeds and his \”questions\” had already been answered, I discarded his review as what it is… A dishonest attempt by a competitor to throw Purple under the bus. All so he can make more money on his own product. It\’s really sad that people can\’t see through his obvious money-making ploy. I have several friends on Facebook that have bought Purple beds and love them, so I went ahead and took their reviews over his and ordered mine (It\’s supposed to arrive Monday!) The only complaints they really had were that it takes some getting used to and that the sheets are pretty terrible for what they cost (I guess they pill really bad when you wash them…) Either way I\’m looking forward to getting mine. I really hope I\’m not one of those few who get awful back pain from it… It can\’t be any worse than what I\’m sleeping on now…

  • You’re right, James they’re dogmatic! Often mean-spirited too. I didn’t know that this would get so inflammatory. The HMR guy would make a great politician because he’s always campaigning. His style reminds me of Matt Drudge who writes Drudge Report.

    I don’t like that he uses my photo without my permission. I unkowingly gave him ammo to use against them and that he worked (still works?) for a direct competitor.

    The good news is you can return Purple if you don’t like it and get a full refund. I’m curious what you’ll think. Please come back and comment.

    There’s not a mattresses out there that everyone will love but so far I haven’t had anyone I know say they didn’t like Purple. However, the adjustment period is real (although probably not significantly longer than for other brands). It’s easy to get used to a certain feel and notice when it’s different. Most of us have spent 6 years or more on our mattress and forgot that it felt different in the beginning.

    We got the sheets but didn’t like them. They were like sleeping in nylons and don’t hold their shape when you make the bed.

    Here’s to great sleep, which is something I can always get behind,

  • JANET I do have a serious question though. What sheets have you found that work well? I bought some Jersey Knit sheets at the recommendation from the website, but I\’ve been reading that normal sheets fit baggy. What do you think?

  • James, I’m still looking for the perfect sheets. Right now we have Target brand cotton.

    I felt these at one of the Carlihola stores and if I wanted to spend a lot this is what I’d buy: http://amzn.to/2gPtJKD

    But it’s more realistic that I’ll buy Linenspa cotton sheets. Their sheets are a good mix of quality and value.

    I’m more into pillows right now and found my favorites so sheets and sleep tech are next.

    What sheets are you looking at?


  • I actually just bought some Target brand jersey sheets. I’m thinking about maybe buying clothespins or something to pin to the frame underneath to keep the sheets from bagging up, because I have a feeling that would drive me INSANE lol! As for pillows… I have a horrible relationship with pillows. I have yet to find a pillow that doesn’t hurt my neck. I ordered two Purple pillows for my boyfriend and I, so I’m hoping they will do the trick. Wish me luck! haha!

  • Pillows are even more nerve wracking than deciding on a mattress but at least they’re a smaller commitment.

    I’m all for Brooklyn Bedding’s shredded memory foam pillows right now. I’m in my second month and so far so good. Amazingly they’re cheap on Amazon (lots more in stores, as in double). My other favorite is a hotel pillow that’s a feather type.

    I hope for a full report on the Purple pillows. I’m just going to say one word: heavy.

  • Our platform already came today and our mattress is supposed t arrive today also. I’m so excited! Our pillows aren’t set to come until Tuesday, but once it comes I’ll use it for a week or so and give you an update on what I think. I’m crossing my fingers and hoping that I love it. Thankfully they have that 100 night trial for the pillows also in case I hate it lol!

  • Curious why — if powder is merely to keep mattress from sticking together during shipping — hasn’t anyone mentioned anything about vacuuming the white powder out of the indented cells of the mattress top? Or simply wipe it out with a damp cloth.

  • I’m not trying to be mean or one sided but reading your review very much comes off as a a very one sided and simplified believe what they tell you answer. I understand that their have been studies but i have done research and written studies and conclusion can be very misleading. Not only that even third party researchers tend to have a bias when their studies are being funded by the same people they are studying, I’m not trying to say that this is a big conspiracy but look at the way purple mattress reacted to one blog posters review. Hit him with a lawsuit (which is completely bogus you have a right to your opinion). They are very dodgy about giving any specifics about the powder. Not only that but no where does is say on there websites that anyone with a respiratory problem should be careful or anything. They take a stance that it is 100 percent safe which again very few things are. Their marketing comes off as very disheveling. They have clearly paid a lot of money to make sure their article superseded any critical article that has been posted. People lived for hundreds of years with lead piping and they didn’t have terrible effects right away. Just saying your explanation sounds very shaky and in a world where so many products are being pushed on us that we don’t know whats in them it seems irresponsible to not fully know what is in something you will spend a third of your life on.

  • Buy a mattress with powder all over it, or one without powder? Easy, I’ll buy one WITHOUT POWDER every time!

  • My motivation for writing this article was in response to attacks from the white powder mob. I haven’t presented it as anything other than my opinion based on my experience. There’s no evidence of harm and I’m willing to take my chances. If you disagree go ahead. I respect your right to be concerned.

  • ELLIS SANDOZ III, you can’t vacuum the mattress because it’s covered with a thick cloth cover that is sealed. Slapping the mattress or vacuuming the top produces no noticeable powder. As for the pillow, the cover comes off and there are instructions for doing just that if you’re concerned about the powder.

    RICA SUPPLOMA having purchased the mattress and the pillow after reading the reviews and all of the nonsense about the white powder, I can assure you… There is NOT “white powder all over the mattress”, nor the pillow. The outer cover of the mattress is thick, in spite of what “Honest” mattress reviews and his cult say. Vacuuming the mattress or pounding on it produces literally nothing. You’d have to slice the mattress open to even get near enough to breath it in, and with sheets on the bed it seems the chances of inhaling enough of the powder to be dangerous is slim to none at all (and you’d have to inhale a large quantity for it to be dangerous) . As for the pillow, when taking the zip cover off, there is SOME powder, but it’s a negligible amount and it clearly says in the papers that come with it that they can be taken out of the cover, wiped with a warm, damp, washcloth or vacuumed if the powder frightens you.

    The white powder has been blown WAY out of proportion by “Honest” Mattress Reviews and his followers. It is, and always has been, a publicity stunt by him to scare people away from his biggest customers. He’s a charlatan using dishonest tactics to harm his competitors. Purple had every right to sue him and Ghost Mattresses. They’re literally crooks.

  • BRIAN:

    “I’m not trying to say that this is a big conspiracy but look at the way purple mattress reacted to one blog posters review.”

    That “one blog” wasn’t written by an unbiased third party. That “one blog” was literally written by one of their biggest competitors in order to drive away their customers. Look at how many videos / reviews that are positive to Purple now have one of his crazy followers attacking them. Even THIS blogger has about 3 or 4 people attacking her because she dared to question Honest mattress reviews. Do you honestly think that isn’t harming Purple’s business? Purple had EVERY RIGHT to respond in the way they did. This is exactly why our civil legal system exists. To help right wrongs, and what “Honest” mattress reviews did, was wrong. It was a competitor making false claims about his competition to scare customers away from them. That’s a dishonest business tactic and there are laws against that.

    ” Hit him with a lawsuit (which is completely bogus you have a right to your opinion).”

    Except it wasn’t an “opinion.” Saying “Purple sucks. It doesn’t help me sleep at all, and it’s so uncomfortable” is an opinion. Saying “Purple mattress is covered with a toxic white powder and it will probably kill you or give you cancer” (or HEAVILY IMPLYING it, as honest mattress reviews did) is slander, and it is illegal.

    “They have clearly paid a lot of money to make sure their article superseded any critical article that has been posted. ”

    Except… When you search “Purple mattresses” the first articles that come up are almost ALL “Honest” Mattress Reviews videos. How is it “clear” that they have “Paid a lot of money to make sure their article superseded any critical article that has been posted”? They’re right there at the top of the page when you search for Purple Mattresses.

    “it seems irresponsible to not fully know what is in something you will spend a third of your life on.”

    Except… They’ve already said what’s in it. It’s polyethylene co-polymer. It says right on their website, if you bothered to look instead of watching “Honest” Mattress Reviews video and just taking him at his worthless word.


    My boyfriend and I got our mattress Monday and our Pillows Tuesday. We love both of them! On our old mattress, I would toss and turn all night, but once I feel asleep Monday night I didn’t wake up once. It’s been the same every night . At first, the pillows were a little weird, but now we both really like them. I love that you can adjust the air level in the under cushion and change the height / firmness to where you’d like it. We couldn’t be happier with our purchase.

  • Thank you for your review. I have been thinking if buying Purple for a while but due to finding out about the powder and not knowing what it was, I held off. I saw the video of the squishy you posted in your review where the man showed why they had to use the white powder. He said it was cornstarch based; this was enlightening because I have grain allergies: wheat, corn, rice, millet…ect. This information was good to know and the company should let people know, before they buy, that the grain corn is in their product.

    Thank you,

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