Purple Mattress: What You’d Pay to Buy the Entire Collection

This post was most recently updated on October 11th, 2019

The Purple mattress company touts that they are the “no pressure mattress”. They claim to keep costs down by cutting out the stores and selling straight to customers. Instead you can buy a Purple mattress online only.

Earlier this week we FINALLY filmed our Purple mattress review video for YouTube. We also unboxed our Purple pillows that we got through Kickstarter (yes, we paid for them). The videos should be edited and ready to go in 2 weeks. Filming was fun even though Stephen almost killed me by hitting me over the head with a Purple pillow. DO NOT try it at your house. It almost knocked me out. Don’t let the squishy insides trick you. These pillows are not soft and fluffy. Instead, it felt like being hit with a 50 lb bag of flour.

He made up for it later though by cracking a joke that made me first blush and then laugh so hard that I cried. Hopefully our cameraman edited out the part where we argued. I like to be real but that was a little too real!

Then today I went to the Purple headquarters in beautiful Alpine, Utah to get a sneak peak at an exciting new product. I can’t tell you anything else because it’s top secret for now. I’ll just say that it’s the best yet and I’m dying to get it to try at home!

On Purple headquarters in Alpine, Utah
Purple headquarters in Alpine, Utah

While I was there I saw all of the products that Purple has added to their collection and picked up some sheets that I can’t wait to try. Of course we can’t try them yet. It has to be filmed first! That’s what happens when you’re into social media like I am. Things have to be photographed or video taken before things can be eaten or moved – it’s both wonderful and terrible.

Alexis tagged along…this is their showroom, which is right by all of the employees. They mean it when they say it’s no pressure. I saw an older couple wander in and try out the bed. No sales people talked to them at all. There were no sales people. Everyone is chill. In fact, I don’t think anyone would care if you took a nap on it!

Alexis sitting on a Purple mattress

On the long drive home I thought that it would be fun to see what the total cost would be if you were to buy all of the Purple products for your bedroom.

Total cost of buying the entire Purple bed collection

The infographic below shows everything you’d need to outfit your room with Purple and recommended products to go with your mattress.

Here’s what’s included in the calculation:

Click here to read what we thought about Purple pillows.

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Purple com Bed Cost Infographic - surprising price for everything!

As you can see, the cost of buying everything you need for your Purple bed is just $1544. That is incredible! Our last mattress was at least $3,000 just for the mattress and I think Purple is a better mattress. If you replace your mattress every 5 years as recommended (assuming you replaced everything) that is just $300 a year! But the mattress platform will last much longer than 5 years. I’m willing to bet the pillows will too.Buy Purple mattress

Purple Mattress – Financing Available

If you’re still not sure, get this. Purple has financing through Affirm where you can buy now without a credit card and pay as you go. The first 6 months is interest free (if you qualify). That means you can get your mattress right away (and anything else you need) but pay for it later. Purple uses Affirm to manage the financing and they do not make money on it. Rather, they provide a way for more people to try Purple.

Still not sure? Go look at the Reviews on their site – they do not lie! Or, for my perspective after a year of sleeping on Purple, read our Purple mattress review or the new Purple bed review.

For my guide to ‘bed in a box mattresses’ like Purple that have free shipping and 100+ night trials, click here.

Have you tried any Purple products yet? What’s your favorite?

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