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Mercedes GLC Review for 2017 the 4Matic Model SUV Car

GLC 300 Review

Check out our GLC review video on YouTube too – thanks for thumbs up or comments! We created the video and review because it’s what we hoped to find when we bought the GLC – but there wasn’t anything like this then. It takes a lot of time to research and find the right car so hopefully this will save you some time as you figure out exactly what you want!

This was written by Stephen…after owning his Mercedes Benz GLC 4matic SUV for about four months.

I spent a good six months doing car research in preparation to buying a new car in early 2017. I was an Acura guy – for over 10 years but I didn’t like what the new Acura’s offered.

The things I really wanted in a new car were:

  • Ventilated seats (to stop sweating when he’s in a sportcoat or suit jacket and for summer)
  • Heated seats (for winter)
  • 4 wheel drive
GLC heated and ventilated front seats
Heated and ventilated front seats with 3 settings

We live 15 minutes from a ski resort and he wanted better handling in the snow. The Acura got stuck on our street just leaving our neighborhood. I couldn’t find all the features I wanted with the color, trim and interior in the state, I had to custom order my Mercedes-Benz GLC 300 4matic directly from the factory.

GLC steering wheel

The dealer in Farmington said it would be ready in 4-6 weeks but in reality it took several months to get here. They did give us a break on some of the upgrades for the extra time it took.

Here is the list of upgrades we got:

Mercedes GLC upgrades


Leg Room

Being a bigger/taller guy at 6’3″ I want to see how I fit in a car. I like the legroom in the GLC, even in the back seat. Normally no one fits behind me when I drive because my seat is so far back the person behind me doesn’t get any leg room. With the Mercedes glc there is plenty of room. Huge plus!

2017 GLC leg room

Surround Sound Upgrade

It was worth it to me to upgrade to the surround sound system. It was about $850 and it includes a subwoofer, which is actually in the dashboard. Not only do the radio stations and music sound amazing, the car has EXCELLENT sound when you talk on the phone through the car’s system. It’s crystal clear and the best quality sound system I’ve ever had in a car.

Bermester GLC surround sound speaker
Love the brushed aluminum door trim (don’t like the fake wood look at all!). Very modern and sleek.

Cruise Control – Tap up for 1 mph or big tap for 5 mile increments

The GLC has cruise control behind the steering wheel. You pop it on and at whatever speed you’re at and it locks it in. If you do a little tap, you go up 1 mph. You can tap up a mile per hour or down a mile per hour, but if you do a big tap, it goes in five mile increments.

Another really cool feature that took a little bit of time getting used to was the little wheel changer for the radio. The thing that I really love about it is that it’ll find stations that are in tune and give those as your only options. No more fuzzy radio stations!

The back seat has temperature controls and a space where you can plug in a laptop or other electronic devices with a 115 V power outlet.

Plugs in rear and AC/heat controls

Dynamic Select Driving Modes

Dynamic Select allows you as a driver to pick different driving modes. You can do this while the car is stopped. You can do it while it’s in operation. There’s economy, comfort, sport, and sport plus. Economy and comfort mode are relaxing, kind of like you’re driving a Buick or a Cadillac.

If you want to shave some years off your age and really want that sport fast acceleration, tight handling, and a tighter suspension, then go with sport plus. Just be careful about speeding tickets! Before I got the GLC I drove like a grandpa but put er in sport mode and I don’t realize how fast I’m going!

Mercedes dash control

The Gas Saving Stop Start Engine

One of the weird features about the Mercedes, which we didn’t really know and no one really explained to us, is that when you’re in sport and comfort mode, there’s a feature that turns off the engine when you stop. It’s freaky because if you’re not used to it. When we were doing a test drive no one really told us about that, and so I’m like, “This car is really jolty and has it keeps dying”. You just need to get used to it. I turn it off when I have someone in the car or if it’s stop and go traffic but overall I like it.

The nice thing is, is if you’re in high smog cities, you’re saving the environment – and your gas mileage! What’s your gas mileage like on econo mode? From the beginning of the car, it’s getting 26.1 miles per gallon and I have driven the car 216 hours and 26 minutes. It calculates all of that for you.

Upgrades We Didn’t Get

Distronic Plus

You can upgrade to a feature that’s called Distronic Plus. Basically what it does is when you have the cruise control on, it monitors the distance between you and the car in front of you and automatically adjusts. The one thing I don’t really like about Mercedes is when you want one thing you have to buy a lot of other stuff. If you get that feature, then you have to buy the navigation system and I see no reason to have a navigation system when you can get navigation for free on your phone.

Trunk Auto Open and Room

You can walk up with the keyless control in your pocket and you simply walk up to the back and it automatically opens up the trunk. Now, the trunk space is tight so you have to be really, really organized to fit everything.

How Many Cup holders?

There are 8 cup holders. 4 in the back and 4 in the front.

cup holders in the door

Drawbacks of the GLC

My Sunglasses Don’t Fit!

I do not understand why the sunglass holder does not hold a regular pair of sunglasses. When you’re using the system and the rotary it’s a little bit of a learning curve. However, in my old cars, which were many Acuras and Hondas, I found that it was faster to go from your ishuffle or your Nano to your phone on Bluetooth over to the radio. This car, it’s a little bit slower than I’d like.

Cigarette lighter placement

Then, another awkward feature is that in previous cars the cigarette lighter, when you plug in your phone, it allowed you to close this. Well, in this car if I plug in the charger on my phone I can’t close it.

Some of the things that I really, really enjoy about the car are how quiet it is inside. I love the automatic sensing windshield wipers and I just love how it looks. I’m happy that I went with the Mercedes versus the Lexus and the Acura. The Porsche, it was a very close competitor. It was about 15,000 more for comparable features and the storage space was really, really tight. The other thing is there’s issues with the softer tires on the Porsche as well.

When I was shopping I looked at the Lexus, Acura, and a variety of Mercedes and honestly the handling, the overall feel of the ride, the LED headlights, and just being a Mercedes owner is really what led me to want to become a Mercedes owner. Now, if you’re looking at Mercedes SUVs and you’re serious about the GLE, I honestly would try the GLC, the one that I bought because it’s about $10,000 less. It has much easier dashboard. Handles much more like a car versus driving this big SUV tank.

Mercedes dash with monitor

Those are my thoughts, but good luck and if you have any questions please leave them in the comments.

Really love the upgrade with the illuminated star and LED headlights. Also the wind assist – since we live in an area that can get pretty windy. It keeps me from going all over the road and for a more comfortable drive.

GLC luminated star

The most amazing part about the car is that I feel younger and want to fit into Mercedes culture (lose weight). I won’t eat in my new car so I’m actually losing weight. This is still a family car but it has enough luxury that it’s enjoyable too!

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