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Follow a Voila Mattress In a Box From Order to Delivery

Voila mattress is a mattress in a box company. This mattress comes with more choices than the typical bed in a box mattress companies usually offers. Voila is a showroom mattress that can be rolled up and shipped to be delivered to your door, which is unusual because you usually have to go to a retail store to get a coil mattress. I went through the process so you can see exactly what it’s like.

Before we move on, let’s talk about the pronunciation (because I butchered it the first time I said it). You say Voila!, not viola like a violin. It’s French and it means an enthusiastic expression of success or satisfaction. That’s exactly how you feel when your mattress arrives and you get to sleep on it! It’s pronounced \vwä-ˈlä\! Yes, online mattress companies have the most creative names.

I actually know one of the owners – my former boss. Even though Voila is new they’ve been in the mattress business for many years and really know mattresses. They set out to make a mattress with springs that can be shipped in a box.

Step 1: Choose your mattress firmness and size

This is where you choose what firmness level you want. You have 100 days to decide what you think after sleeping on it. I chose plush. They do have full/double size which not all mattress brands offer.

choose Voila mattress firmness


They let you exchange your Voila Mattress for another firmness one time within the 100 Day Comfort Guarantee period – just be aware that you will need to pay for any price difference and the cost to ship it to you.

Step 2: Add mattress to cart

Enter any coupons or gift certificates. I have a Voila mattress coupon for you. Save 10% – just use sleepmama10 at checkout!

Shipping is FREE.


Voila mattress shipping and shipping info

Step 3: Fill out shipping and payment info

At this point you can see all the payment options. They offer so many options to fit your budget. Voila accepts PayPal, credit card or debit card. Notice that you can use VISA, Mastercard, Discover, or American Express. Get those credit card points or air miles!!

Payment Plans: You can also use PayPal credit or Affirm if you want to pay as you go on a payment plan rather than pay for the total amount up front.

Voila mattress payment typesThey sent updates and a tracking number so you know when to expect your mattress. It was super fast because we live in Utah and they are based in Utah. The communication throughout the process was very good. Voila mattress shipping confirmation


Step 4: Your Voila mattress arrives!

Voila mattress delivery

I created a short video to show the actual mattress being delivered.


Step 5: Unbox your mattress!

I thought the box was fun but warning, it’s heavy! You have metal coils in this mattress so it’s no lightweight!

time to open your mattress


Voila sent this mattress in exchange for a review. Watch for updates. The next video will be an unboxing video followed by a review at my new mattress bedroom set. I set it up just for filming so I could have a consistent look and place to make YouTube videos with my new YouTube channel Two Moms Review.

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