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Layla Mattress Review – An Antimicrobial and Flippable Memory Foam Mattress

Layla Mattress Review

You know I’m into mattresses and I like seeing what different mattresses offer that is unique. Today’s review is of the Layla mattress. Layla beds come shipped to your door in a box. The first thing I loved was the flag on the box. Layla looks very patriotic and is 100% made in the USA.

Here’s what it looks like when you get it (from FedEx)…

Layla mattress sale

Flippable Mattress

Are you old enough to remember the McDonald’s hamburger called the McDLT?  The burger came in a box with two sides. The cold side had lettuce, tomato & sauce. The hot side had the meat. As the commercial said, “the hot stays hot” and “the cool stays cool”.You put them together and you had the perfect hamburger. It was so good! For some reason the Layla made me think of that hamburger because it two has 2 sides that are different. One side is soft and one side is more firm.

After getting a chance to try out a Layla, this is why I was intrigued. Here are…

5 Key Features of a Layla

  1. Two bed options in one. As I mentioned there are 2 sides. The Layla is flippable. One side is more firm, the other side is soft – you choose which fits you best.
  2. A thermo gel cover that’s a food grade gel to help you regulate your temperature at night. It’s close to your skin, so it works with the copper that’s infused in the foam underneath the cover.
  3. A Lifetime warranty.
  4. Every time someone buys a Layla mattress, someone in need can get a good night’s sleep. Layla donates a small portion of mattress sales to the Episcopal Community Services in San Francisco.
  5. 100% made in the USA with quality materials.

Let’s go step by step into the features of the Layla, starting with the cover.

Layla Mattress: Washable Cover

The Layla mattress cover is infused with gel and has a super soft and luxurious feel. It has a funky geometric gray and white design. The gel keeps the mattress from getting too hot and to keep the temperature stable as you sleep. Memory foam is known for cradling your body but that can also mean trapping body heat and making you warm. Hence, the gel and copper to prevent getting too warm.

I think this is the only cover I’ve ever seen on a mattress that’s zippable and removable. You will need to take it off and flip the mattress if you decide to go with the firm side. Layla recommends that you dry clean the cover as to not ruin the properties of the gel.

Layla mattress review

Copper Infused Mattress

Layla is unique because it has actual copper in it! If you’ve ever been to a drug store and saw those copper bracelets that are sold to help arthritis you’ll know why. Copper has health benefits and is regarded as a way to help inflammation, headaches and other issues.

Copper is also known as an excellent conductor of heat. That’s why people love copper-bottom pans. While you sleep you want to push away extra heat and copper helps with that.

Best of all copper is known to inhibit bacteria growth – yes Layla is an antimicrobial mattress! So for you germaphobes out there – you’ll love Layla!

The Soft Side

The Layla mattress comes ready to sleep on the soft side. There’s not a whole lot of movement on the other parts of the mattress if you move around (the jump test). This mattress is very good at absorbing movement so you don’t disturb your partner when you move around at night.

If you like a more plush feel as you sleep, this is the side for you. Still, this mattress doesn’t have a ton of sink. If you push your hand down as hard as you can it bounces back fairly quick. So it’s made with a very dense memory foam. To me it didn’t feel like memory foam compared to a lot of memory foam mattresses I’ve tried.

Here’s the hand test so you can see the responsiveness…(it takes a moment to load and it’s really short 😉

If you like a very soft mattresses, the Layla may not be soft enough for you. Most people are happy with it but everyone is different, which is why I like that they have a 4 month trial. You can return it free if you don’t love your Layla (or add a foam topper). If you’re coming from a pillow top with a 3 inch memory foam topper then you may want something even more plush. Personally, I like a medium firm bed.

Many reviews make it seem like a down pillow level of softness, but it’s not. It is a comfortable softness that feels like you’re not sleeping on anything but rather floating in the air. I am a side sleeper and I do not wake up with sore hips and shoulders as I did with my old bed…I’m a very picky sleeper but this has met all of my expectations and I’m very pleased with my purchase! I hope this review helps in making your decision to purchase a Layla.

The Firm Side

The firm side of the mattress has just 1 inch of memory foam before you hit the more dense foam layer. That makes it more firm but I’d never call this a firm mattress – it’s more of a 6 on a scale from 1-10.

The Layla mattress has a lot of versatility and flexibility. Plus you get two beds in one … one firm, and one soft. If you had a king sized bed, you could actually get two twins and flip one on the firm side and the other on the soft. That way it would conform to the needs of someone who wants softer feel and someone who wants something more firm.

Layla Mattress Layers

Underneath the cover there’s a memory foam layer that is infused with copper. You can actually see brown dots going through the foam. This is the part that surrounds you and cradles you as you sleep. On the soft side it is 3 inches deep.

These next two layers are your support and air flow layers. These layers help regulate temperature, and keeps the air flowing through the mattress so you don’t sleep too hot. The bottom layer is actually the top layer of the firm side of the mattress.

Again, this mattress comes with 120 night trial period, so you can sleep on it for four months to see if you like it.

Layla mattress warranty

Layla Mattress Reviews

We just purchased a king Layla, and we couldn’t be happier! The process was so easy and fast, and we have both had the best nights sleep of our lives on it. It doesn’t sleep hot, and we both wake up feeling refreshed.

Awesome mattress, very happy!
We bought this mattress for our cabin. We have a tempurpedic bed at home, and wanted one for the cabin without spending tempurpedic prices. This is a very comparable mattress for 1/3 of the price. Love it! Shipping was easy and on time. Great company to deal with. Will definitely buy another in the future.
Layla mattress review

Cons of the Layla

  • A bit of first-day smell but it’s very mild – being that it’s made in the USA and has high quality materials
  • Relatively young company but doesn’t seem to have any issues with shipping on time and very responsive with customer service

Layla Financing

Need to get a great night’s sleep now and pay later? 


Layla Review Summary

To sum up, a Layla Sleep mattress that has these key features:

  • The world’s first copper infused memory foam mattress with ThermoGEL technology.
  • 120-night risk-free trial
  • Strong 10-Year Warranty
  • Great price for a quality mattress – only $839 with our SPRING60 coupon
  • Free shipping

Take $60 off your purchase when you use code SPRING60

Disclosure: I was provided a mattress from the manufacturer in exchange for my honest review. There are affiliate links in this post and earn a small commission at no additional cost to you. 

We hope you’ll really like Layla. I loved working with the owners. Akrum grew up with mattresses because his dad owned a mattress store. Today he has an online mattress brand along with the co-owner Gregg. I literally emailed them and ended up talking on the phone for over an hour the same day! Great people to work with and a great mattress too!

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