Intellibed Reviews and What People Say about this Nontoxic Mattress

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Curious about the Intellibed? I was too. Read on for my complete Intellibed Review. This is a premium bed that should last for many, many years. Intellibed is the most similar to a Purple mattress in that the top layer is composed of a stretchy polymer that’s in a grid.

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However, Intellibed is more expensive than a Purple bed and has a shorter trial period. The same company manufactures both of the polymers for these mattresses, but they are not the same. Intellibed’s are a smaller grid than Purple. You can buy it online.

The most fundamental elements of health are eating right, exercising and sleep. You probably know that if you don’t get enough sleep it can be really hard on relationships. It can affect your ability to think clearly and your overall health. Good sleep starts with your mattress. The one thing I never considered before reading Intellibed reviews from other bloggers is how many toxins are in regular mattresses.

I’m going to guess that most people who live outside of Utah haven’t heard of Intellibed. They are sold in stores here and we hear the ads on the local radio station. You may not have though, so I wanted to point out why I’ve been intrigued with this brand for years. They are a bit old school in their marketing but it’s a high quality bed that will last and last.

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BONUS: I have an exclusive coupon at the Intellibed store in Riverdale, Utah. If you live nearby, see bottom of post for details.

Intellibed Reviews

First, here are some Intellibed Reviews from actual customers.

I love my intellibed. I was having problems with my hips and shoulders falling asleep and hurting all the time. I thought I would have to have surgery on them but decided to try a new bed. I bought my intellibed and two years ago. I have not had any trouble with my hips or shoulders since. I tell everyone about my great bed and recommend to them to try mine and then go buy their own.

No better mattress than intelliBED!!

With over 15 years of working in the bedding industry I have slept on just about every mattress you can buy. All of them have been high end products designed to help you get the best nights sleep. While all of the mattresses were good beds, none of them compare with the sleep I get with intelliBED. Each night is like getting into a new bed, it feels the same from day one. I wake up feeling fantastic every day. Thanks for helping with my aches and pains! Jerid

Remarkably Comfortable Bed-Heavenly Night’s Sleep

I slept on Tempurpedic beds for over 15 years, I thought they were fairly good mattresses, but I was still suffering with severe back pain, lots of muscle aches, I slept very hot on them, even in the winter, I always felt like I was sleeping on quicksand because I sank into the mattress & it was hard to get out of the pit, I tossed & turned all throughout the night. Then to my shock, I read online that TP beds use toxic-chemical fire retardants that out gas, which causes inflammation, restless & hot sleep, brain disturbances & more. Just Google it! 🙂

In my search for a healthier mattress, I fortunately found Intellibed. Here are the differences I have noticed during my first 3 months.

  • For the first time ever, I am sleeping all through the night.
  • Nighttime bathroom trips went from 3-5x a night to 2-3x a week. 
  • I wake up pain free, clear minded, energetic & refreshed. 
  • I sleep very cool & comfortable all night long. 
  • Back pain is gone! 
  • I relax knowing my bed is safe, eco friendly, non-toxic & breathable. No outgassing. 
  • The beautiful blue Gel Matrix structure has columns that breathe-enhancing my circulation for healthier skin & complexion. 
  • Noticeable pressure relief on my hips, shoulders & back. 

I would highly recommend this bed to anyone wanting a healthy, comfortable, safe, non toxic, better night’s sleep. It is everything I was told it would be and more! Try it, they have a 60 day comfort guarantee, you have nothing to lose and may gain the significant health benefits better sleep will provide. Sweet Dreams, Feng Shui Sherry

Intellibed mattress is completely non-toxic

We already owned a non-toxic baby mattress from Utah-based Intellibed. One thing I love is that there was NO off gassing. That means no awful chemical smell. In fact, the gel is made from mineral oil and is totally nontoxic. Some memory foam mattresses release chemicals and that’s not something I want anyone in my family to breath in. Intellibed isn’t a memory foam mattress per say but it is nontoxic.

This is so important because mattresses have a lot of awful things in them. Just read the label and you’ll see. They come with a warning. That’s the fumes and chemicals you’re breathing in every night of your life. Mattresses sold in the US are required to have some level of flame retardant. One of the most popular, is a concoction of extremely toxic chemicals like boric acid, antimony, and formaldehyde, that are bioavailable. I don’t like that. Intellibed uses silica thread fire blocker (a much safer option). That means a more natural, non-toxic (safer) way to sleep. I’m all for a healthier mattress that doesn’t emit toxins.

Best pressure relief (great for people who shift a lot during sleep).

If you frequently shift your weight while you sleep, you may not be getting enough deep, restorative levels of sleep your body needs. When you sleep on a bed that creates pressure on your hips, back, and shoulders, you have to move frequently to redistribute our weight. If you don’t shift around, areas under pressure lose circulation and tissue gets damaged (they’re called bed sores). I

According to IntelliBED they,

  • Use a gel matrix called isoflex(r) that is used in hospitals to cushion severe wound care patients, so it’s gentle on your body – others call it intelligel
  • IntelliBED is the only company that has a license to use this gel in commercial products.
  • IntelliBED uses a patented gel-matrix (latex) that reduces pressure on your hips and shoulders.

The gel is the best part of this bed. Unlike memory foam when you press your hand down onto it, it immediately springs back up. It is very supportive and doesn’t flatten or compress over time AT ALL that I’ve seen.

Intellibed gel

Best back support and body alignment.

You don’t want a soft mattress or surface that makes your body hurt when you wake up. See this Intellibed video for more about cushioning and alignment. Know anyone who sleeps in a chair rather than in a bed because they hurt so bad? The video explains why.

Intellibed Layers

Intellibeds are 10″ tall and come with just the mattress but you can buy the box spring or platform separately from the company. Intelibed uses an inner-spring for support, a layer of furniture grade high density foam, and Intelli-Gel layer for cushioning. The top is an organic cotton panel and a non-off gassing silica fire-blocker to meet Federal Regulations.

Layer 1: Organic cotton

Layer 2: nontoxic fire blocker

Layer 3: Gel layer (blue)

Layer 4: Soy foam

Pocketed Coil with the highest quality steel



Intellibed Prices and Sizes

Intellibed has three different models to choose from, based on how firm or soft you like your mattress. They also have box springs ($300 for a queen) or frame ($89.95 for a queen). Sizes include: twin, twin XL, full, full XL, queen, king and California king.

For an additional $99 they will remove your old mattress. I like this option because otherwise you have to take yours to the dump, which usually requires a truck. Or, sell it and have the new owner come pick it up. I’ve looked into mattress recycling companies and $99 is about on par with what a local one charges.

I’m dying to get an adjustable base. I think about the times I’m congested and want to sleep higher. Or the times I want to watch TV in bed – ok, that’s every night. My husband and I give each other foot and hand massages before we fall asleep two nights a week. It would be great to raise up the bottom of the bed. After that I’m in love with the idea of the bed doing the massages. Like a giant massage chair for two!

From an Intellibed review: I got the adjustable base with my Intellibed & notice even more benefits:

  • My husband’s snoring is dramatically reduced, I no longer have to elbow & kick him in the night.
  • The adjustable base turns our bed into a cozy recliner for reading, cell phone games & TV in bed. (my husband says it’s his home theater seating-in bed).
  • The massage feature helps with my circulation, relaxes my mind & calms my nerves.
  • The spinal decompression feature feels like gentle yoga stretching, head to toe.
  • I like the zero gravity feature, with the push of a button, it gently lifts my feet & head up, creating a completely weightless – floating on a cloud experience.
  • The recliner feature allows me to sit up in bed, when needed, this helps with my occasional heartburn & indigestion.
  • I love getting my feet up at the end of the day, it is very relaxing & relieves back pressure for me.

Intellibed offers financing if needed but this is a premium mattress. The only similar mattress that is priced lower is Purple – read my Purple mattress review here. Purple doesn’t have springs and the gel layer is different. It’s a new company, having been in business for around two years at the time I wrote this review.

Intellibed price


An Intellibed natural mattress comes with a 30-year warranty.

Intellibed was founded in 2000, so it’s not a new company with an unproven track record. You can count on them being around should you need to use the warranty. This mattress is like an heirloom. You can literally pass it down. That’s why I never see Intellibed mattresses on KSL Classifieds or eBay. Almost no one returns them. I love the idea of investing up front and not having to fork out the money for many more years. I’m confident it will last for at least 20.

The baby mattress we purchased? After 4 years, it looked just like new. Most of the baby mattresses I’ve seen are a mess by the time the baby is a toddler. Update: they no longer carry a baby mattress. We recommend this breathable baby mattress.

Intellibed comes with a 60-day risk-free trial.

Given there are other mattresses with a longer test period, but two months is more than enough time to test a new mattress and adjust to it, if needed. You can test our your Intellibed for 60 days and if it doesn’t work for you, you can return it for a refund. How else can you tell if you like a mattress, except to sleep on it? I’ve had buyer’s remorse before and buying the wrong mattress is an expensive mistake. You simply can’t judge how you’ll sleep on a mattress simply by lying down on it in the store.

“Sleep on an intelliBED for 60 days (with our mattress protector) and if you’re not getting the rest of your life – we’ll take it back. No questions asked. And we’ll even pay for the return shipping.”

Intellibed Coupon

As I mentioned you can get the offer with the free sheets, mattress protector and 10% off at the Riverdale, Utah Intellibed store. You must ask to talk to Cory and say that Janet at Newspapermom sent you.

Intelibed Address: 4091 Riverdale Rd, Ogden, UT 84405, just minutes off the freeway

Store Hours: 

Thursday 10AM–7PM
Friday 10AM–7PM
Saturday 10AM–7PM
Sunday Closed
Monday 10AM–6PM
Tuesday 10AM–7PM
Wednesday 10AM–7PM
Intelibed Phone Number: (801) 399-0414

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