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How to Make Your House Smell Good (Including Your Teenager’s Room)

How to Make Your House Smell Good

Does your house or teenager’s room stink even after you clean and scrub everything? Even if carpets and mold were cleaned, you gave your pet a bath, removed rotten food from the home, there is still a good chance the house will have lingering bad odor. The reason is these culprits are not the true sources of bad odor. The true source of bad odor is bacteria…

I recently went on a quest to make my house smell good – especially my teenage son’s room…

How to Make Your House Smell Good
Make your home sell good without air freshener, candles or chemicals

My Teenager’s Room Smells

My teen’s room is my first concern. It smells musty and has that teenage boy smell. You know the smell? I’m not sure what it is exactly because it’s tough to describe and depending on your teen’s interests and habits it’s unique to them. If he’s into sports it’s certainly sweat. Even if he’s not it probably is part sweat, part not enough showers…who knows what it is exactly? Modern science hasn’t given us a definitive answer. But we know the smell and as moms we’ve tried to get rid of it!

The Solution Has to be Easy

Here’s how insane I am about making things easy. Let me explain. Instead of trying to get my son to wash his pillowcases I put pillowcase protectors on them so I can wash them and keep the pillow nice. Instead of fighting about him making his bed every day I bought Beddy’s (you can see how it helps but doesn’t totally eliminate the problem). They are a zip up bed with a built in sheets, blanket and comforter in one piece that I can just throw in the wash. Problem mostly solved!

I don’t want a solution that causes more problems…and I want something that works.

What I’ve Tried That Didn’t Work

  • I’ve tried cleaning, washing the sheets and doing laundry (even though he’s supposed to do it himself). Smell is still there.
  • I’ve tried airing out the room. When I close the windows, the smell returns.
  • I’ve tried essential oils. Essential oils are part of odor elimination – but not all of it. Smell still there.
  • I’ve tried candles and Febreze. It helps but it doesn’t get rid of the smell, it just masks it plus I hate adding chemicals or smoke to the air which that we’ll breath in. Indoor air pollution is an issue considering how much time we spend inside.
 The EPA ranks indoor air quality as a top five environmental risk to public health. “EPA studies found indoor air pollutants were generally 2 to 5 times greater than outdoor pollution levels. In some cases, indoor air pollution was 100x greater. There are many reasons to why this is the case, including poor ventilation, the burning of toxic candles, use of air fresheners, chemical laden household cleaners, and more.” source  

What I Tried That Worked

We finally found something that works not just for my teen’s room but for odors in our whole home. Let me tell you what I learned. But first, let me say that this solution works and yet it isn’t what you think of probably. Like I said, no matter what solution I come up with it has to be EASY to maintain. If it’s not we’re going to add more problems to the solution. I have to admit I never thought of this as a solution: purifying the air.

Until recently I’d never heard of Venta. They’re based in Europe and now in the US.

I filled my Venta with 2 gallons of tap water and went to sleep. I woke up feeling great, despite going to sleep at 2am. It smelled so clean in our room I wondered if it would work in the kitchen. I could still smell the seafood odor from the shrimp I’d cooked a few days before. I added some vanilla essential oil from Venta into the water.

The next morning the fishy smell was GONE and my kitchen smelled great! In fact, when someone visited she remarked how clean our house was – I’m pretty sure it smelled clean and that’s what made her notice.

Next I moved Venta downstairs to Bjorn’s room and let it run for about 6 hours during the day. When I went into the basement (where our son lives – we call him our border as he usually only comes up for meals), guess what? It smelled GREAT. Light, not heavy or overpowering! Like vanilla bliss.

I’ve since moved our Venta to the linen closet where there’s a different musty odor that has bothered me for years.  That worked too!

Ok, so you still have to do laundry and get rid of the stinky shoes or other reasons your kid’s room stinks, but you can be sure that this will work and be better for your health too.

Venta is like a new family member, like our Dupray. We call them by their names.

Venta is a lifesaver! She’s so popular she goes from room to room, starting downstairs and ending up in our room most nights. Like a little kid.

She scrubs the air and adds water into it while removing nasty particulates like dust, pollen, mold and bacteria. She won’t over-humidify the air and if you want to add a light, pleasant scent, you can add essential oils to the water. So far we tried the vanilla that you can buy from Venta and I love it too much to bring myself to try anything else. It comes in a bottle with a large opening and you just empty out a capful into the water.



Venta is a 3-in-1:

  • A humidifier
  • An Air Purifier
  • A Diffuser/air freshener

 Read my full Venta Humidifier Review here .

To make it easy there are no moldy/bacteria filled filters, tanks or parts. There are no filters at all. It’s easy to fill – you could fill it by the light of a nightlight – and I have. It doesn’t need distilled water. Tap water works. It holds 2 gallons of water. How often you refill it depends on how dry your air is. And the bottom part can be cleaned in the dishwasher.

Click here to go to their website.

Throw out the candles and air fresheners! 

So my love of all things steam cleaning has extended to cleaning the air in my house. I’m confident Venta will cut down on allergies, help us stay well through the winter months (I’ll add some eucalyptus, wintergreen, or tree tee oil to help during cold/flu season), and get gunk out of our indoor air. I wish I could scrub the entire Wasatch Front’s air! But what I really love it for is that it did something I haven’t ever been able to crack – it’s made my teenage boy’s room smell amazing!

I know it’s not a cheap solution but it’s more than just removing smells. It’s taking gunk out of your indoor air. Like allergens, hair, dust, etc. Think of all that allergy medicine you won’t need – or the adverse side effects like drowsiness or when the meds don’t work anymore (speaking from experience). We don’t need our air purifier and a humidifier any more.

If I had a complaint it’s that it has a glowing blue light that bugs me when I sleep –  you can’t turn it off. I put a piece of heavy paper over the controls and it’s fine.

I’ve been through several humidifiers with my kids already and never have I thought, I love this humidifier or air purifier so much I want to blog about it! Yes, I’m enthusiastic about Venta – we’re so happy to have her in our family and guess what’s on my list for next Christmas? You guessed it, another Venta.

Remember the part about being easy? I don’t want to keep moving Venta around the house. That means we need two more. One for our son’s room and our daughter’s room too. It’s only a matter of time before that smell comes back!

What have you done to make your house smell good or get rid of that teenage boy smell?

How to Make Your House Smell Good without air freshener candles or chemicals.

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