Dupray Tosca Review: Steam Clean and Disinfect Everything!

You’ve never known a clean home until you learn about how to steam clean your home. It’s the biggest improvement to your cleaning and it uses no chemicals – only water.

This year we got a Dupray Tosca steam cleaner after going to someone’s house for the first time and noticing how SPOTLESS it was. We asked how their house was so clean and they told us about their steam cleaner. We were so impressed we started to research them.

Plus, we have a Shark pocket mop that uses steam that we LOVE. I call the Shark a gateway drug to the Dupray.

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We were interested in another brand that was more expensive, but Stephen researched until he found this one. The Dupray is a very high quality machine that I believe will last a lifetime. We recommend this machine to all our family and friends, especially those with allergies and chemical sensitivities or just those who are OCD about a clean house or just must have one because they have allergies or must be careful about sickness.

Dupray Tosca Review

The Dupray Tosca steam cleaner is a premium machine that can clean just about anything with only superheated tap water and steam. It disinfects surfaces and cleans ovens, refrigerators, cars (exterior and interior) and more. Since it has a way to remove and flush out the broiler you can use tap water instead of distilled water – very important! We’ve ruined our Shark steam cleaning mop by not using distilled water. Minerals build up in it if there’s no way to remove them.

Your stainless steel will shine like new and there won’t be any streaks when you clean with the Dupray. You’ll cut way back on chemicals in your home or stop using them altogether. Instead of using cleaners you can use the attachments or plain bar soap to get an amazingly clean surface. It’s been over a year since we bought our Tosca and we use it all the time still.

This isn’t a cheap steam cleaner and the price tag reflects that. It’s all metal and is more of a professional level machine. The steam gets hotter and you can clean for much longer. However, there’s an alternative. Since I wrote this review, Dupray has come out with a more affordable model called the Neat steam cleaner that’s just under $200.

Check out the Tosca price and reviews by clicking on the picture below:


Dupray Tosca Steam CleanerDupray Tosca Steam Cleaner

I’m going to say right now that this was our top purchase of the year. It’s an investment that we expect to last for many years. It’s something we intend to have and use for a lifetime.


Dupray Steam Cleaner Review on YouTube

If you’d rather see the Dupray, watch my review here:

A More Affordable Steam Cleaner Option

Still, if you’re new to steam cleaning and want something more affordable, the McCulloch heavy duty steam cleaner is a good option and it’s far less expensive, at around $150. Less expensive steam cleaners have more plastic parts and the accessories won’t hold up as much. The McCulloch tank that holds 48 oz. of water (the Tosca hold just over a gallon, or 128 ounces) so 200% more. That just means you’ll be able to clean for an hour and a half with less time to stop and refill the canister. The McCullouch heats to around 200 degrees, a full 100 degrees less than the Tosca which goes up to 316 degrees. However, the Tosca is much pricier.

Here’s a video comparing a handheld steam cleaner to the Dupray. It’s sort of like comparing the Dollar Store to Nordstrom, but here goes:

All I’m saying is the Dupray steam cleaner isn’t a budget product. I’ve seen steam cleaners for much more than the Tosca but know up front that it’s a commercial grade machine, not simply a consumer grade one.

Kills Bacteria and Viruses

If you’re picky like we are, you want a clean house. Imagine if you could dry clean the walls or the interior of your home. That gives you an idea of just how powerful of a clean you get with a steam cleaner like the Dupray. It’s a dry steam (once it gets started, it does shoot some water out when you get it to temperature) and is ideal for furniture, floors, carpets, countertops, mattresses, toilets and grout. The best part is the water gets to over 300 degrees and that means you are sanitizing as well as cleaning. The Tosca will kill 99.9% of bacteria and viruses.

Dupray steam cleaner review

Removes Grease in Kitchen, and Bathroom. Cleans Stainless Steel.

The Tosca steam cleaner is a commercial machine and it will do a very good job removing the grease for cooking surfaces, ovens, grills and fryers. Its high temperature output and unbeatable durability make this incredible steam cleaner ideal for any kitchen cleaning application. You can also use it on floors and it comes with a steam mop attachment. Honestly, we still use our Shark for mopping most of the time because it’s smaller and heats up faster. One tank can clean all of our floors.

We are totally smitten with our Dupray and hate to be without it. We have a strict rule that it doesn’t leave the house and no one can borrow it. We don’t want to be separated – it’s like a member of our family. Cleaning is so much more enjoyable – yes FUN with the Dupray. The first time I tried a steam cleaner I cleaned for 4 hours!!! It cleans a whole range of things and works amazing. It cuts down on cleaning time while doing a better job, plus it doesn’t use harmful chemicals. Everything stays clean longer and looks like new. Our stainless steel has no residue and just shines.

We use our Dupray to clean our shower and everything sparkles, from the faucets to the tile and even the wavy opaque glass on the doors has never been so clear. There are 2 settings and with the gentle setting you can clean silk flowers or plants – even blinds.

The list is endless as to what this machine can do.

steam clean oven

Here’s a video of cleaning an oven:

Gorgeous Design

We were willing to pay more for Dupray because we fell in love with the design. They look modern and sleek while other brands are ugly or just industrial looking. The Tosca is white and just has a great aesthetic. Since we use it a lot we wanted something that looked good in our home. To me it’s like buying a Mac instead of a regular PC. It’s beautiful.


At first we didn’t use the accessories. Huge mistake. You need the brushes. It makes cleaning so much faster. Don’t use them on fabric though, they’re too harsh. Use the stainless steel one on the oven. I use the others for grout to clean the car upholstery and tires. There’s a scraper that’s great to get stuck on food or other substances off. You can even put a stainless steel scouring pad over the stainless steel brush.

Customer Service and Returns

If there were any reservations it would be the customer service. Dupray is based in Canada (Montreal). There are sometimes language barriers because I can’t clearly understand the representative I’m speaking with. They have a service that answers the phone for them and then routes calls to a customer service rep from Dupray. You think you’re talking to a rep but after you explain the problem they ask when the best time for someone to call you back is. I always say, right now would be great! Inevitably they call back, I don’t recognize the number or can’t answer and I have to wait even longer to get help.

The customer service is different than in the US. It’s not as efficient or urgent as I’m used to and that bothered me. I felt like they didn’t appreciate my urgency to find a solution either. This seems like a cultural difference but I wish they had a US-based call center too or did more training/had better procedures in place.

About 6 months after we bought our Dupray it developed a problem in which steam shot out the sides when it got up to temperature. We tried many things including asking for a new lid, but it didn’t work. They said to send it back. Lesson learned – DO NOT THROW OUT THE BOX. I got an email with a shipping slip and returned the Dupray. It was VERY HARD to say goodbye. We didn’t get any updates unless we asked but about a month later we had a new unit that works great! Honestly, I think most steam cleaning companies have issues with repairs however when reading other people’s reviews I didn’t see any that had this problem. I’m sure glad we have a 3-year warranty and that the company responded and made the issue right. I do wish it didn’t take that long though. However, it’s a heavy item.

Just a note – they ship it to a US-based facility so it doesn’t need to go all the way to Canada.

For others, Dupray’s customer service blew them away.

Dupray Reviews

Almost everyone who bought and uses this product gives it a 5-star review on Amazon. The one negative review I read didn’t make any sense at all. The 4 star review was for the price. The rest were all 5 stars. We give it 4.9 only for our problem which was fixed – otherwise 5 stars!

You need to know that the Dupray isn’t like anything you’ve used before. There is a learning curve and you will have to spend some time watching videos to see how to use it. It’s worth the investment though!


Warranty: 3 years on parts. Lifetime on stainless steel boiler. That is very reassuring to us since the problem we had was with the boiler. They did cover the costs and we were so relieved.


Here’s a recap of the features of a Dupray Tosca:

More of what we use it on

The Dupray blows right through soap buildup and powers out the grime that builds up in hard to reach places like corners. The real difference with this machine vs. other cheaper options is the quantity of steam produced, how much water it can hold and the quality of the attachments. The steam jet is powerful and can be used continuously at full power until the tank runs dry. We can clean our 3 bathrooms and kitchen with one tank – approx. 2 hours of cleaning or more.

– The wheel rims
– the interior (gets in those cracks and tough to reach places)
– upholstery

steam clean a car

It can clean this:

steam clean cup holder

And this:

and this:

how to clean a car seat

– The shower (takes mold off and shines the shower door)
– The sinks and countertops – kills germs and makes everything shine
– Mirrors
– Outside of toilet – you can do the seat, around the joints/lid, and the base where the toilet attaches to the floor. liquids dry and though you can’t see it, builds up and isn’t as clean as you might think

Clean appliances like your Kitchenaid mixer that gets flour, dust and grease build up
Clean the countertops so they are so smooth and perfectly clean
The stove – around the knobs and
Oven – no more oven cleaner that smells so awful or using the self cleaning setting which smells and heats up the house
Dishwasher – yes even your dishwasher needs to be cleaned
Inside the refrigerator
Pans with baked on grime

Baseboards where dust collects
Grout – we use hand soap and the brush attachment
Weird stains on walls or streaks
Heat registers

This machine is a workhorse and can replace a lot of other cleaners.

10.5 x 13 x 16.5
Note: the Dupray only blasts steam at surfaces, it doesn’t suck up any water and has no vacuum. Dupray does make models that have suction but they’re a lot more expensive.

Drawbacks of the Dupray

I already detailed the customer service issues. Otherwise there are a few drawbacks you’ll find with any steam cleaner. The closer you get to the place where the steam is released, the hotter it is. You can burn yourself or kids can get burned if they ever touch the tip or get too close to it. It cools down even a few inches from the outlet but you never want to make contact or get too close. The broiler is very hot too and I wouldn’t let kids

Be careful removing the lid and make sure you let the steam cleaner cool down completely. Even after the water is cooled completely it will be under some pressure – it won’t be hot any more but it will make noise. Don’t let that scare you. It’s a good thing that steam can’t escape!

What you Need to Go with Your Dupray Steam Cleaner

When you clean with steam it leaves water. You need several clothes to use to wipe a surface after it’s been cleaned. We bought a big stack of clothes to use with our Dupray but by far my favorite is the Norwex brand cloths. They’re not cheap but I find myself reaching for them first – especially to dry mirrors without lint. They work the best and I love them but regular clothes work fine too. I go through several when I clean. They last and last. I’ve tried ecloths and just regular lint free cloths but they’re not as good!

Other than that we sometimes do need cleaner other than just water but we use something gentle like bar soap for grout or Norwex paste for the oven. It just helps stuck on messes come off faster. The older the stains the more work it is to get them off the first time. After you get something clean maintianing is much easier and you won’t need anything but water/steam.

Getting Started – How to Turn on The Dupray

This is basic but the Dupray isn’t intuitive and sometimes I thought it was broken when it was really just that the switch was off. So, first thing: make sure that the hose is attached securely at the front of the machine (or your Dupray won’t work). Also make sure that the switch on the side is turned ON. I’ve made the mistake of having the button to off and wondering why nothing happened. There are two power buttons – one that’s a manual switch on the side and one on the display that you press down.

Press the bottom button (power) first. Then press the one above it. Yes, you need both buttons on in order to use the Dupray. The button on the right lights up green when your Dupray is ready to use (up to temperature). The last button on the bottom right is an indicator light that goes on when you’re running low on water.

Dupray steam cleaner display

Takes 7 minutes to heat up and the indicator light will let you know that it’s ready. There will be a sputter or more water at first and then a lot of steam!

Refilling your Dupray

You can use your Dupray for 90 minutes per fill up using regular tap water. The reason you can use tap water is because you can drain or clean out the mineral buildup that’s in the water. This is a HUGE selling point to me. If you use a steam cleaner of any kind you usually have to use distilled water. If you don’t it will eventually break. Even a Shark steam mop for example – which is what I call a gateway drug to the Dupray – needs distilled water (ask me how I know). However the Dupray uses regular tap water as long as you remember to flush it every 6 months.

To refill your Dupray you must wait for it to cool down completely (bummer) and then remove the cap. There is a bottle that reminds me of the kind of bottle used to feed a cow. It’s spring loaded and won’t leak. You insert the end and press down. That releases the water. Keep refilling until you can see water. Then reapply the cap and tighten it completely before you turn the Dupray back on.

Cleaning the Dupray Steam Cleaner

When it’s time to descale your Dupray (remove minerals that build up from water) it will give a readout. Then you need to follow the instructions to drain and clean it. So far we haven’t needed to clean ours and we’ve had it for over 6 months.

Ok, by now you might be like me, thinking that you need one of these steam cleaners even though you’ve likely never heard of it until now! Please let me know if you have any questions in the comments below.

WARNING: Using a Dupray may cause a cleaning addiction!

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