BIG List of Disneyland Tips for The Best Family Trip

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Disneyland Tips

Our family recently returned from Disneyland in February. As you know there’s a ton of planning that goes into a trip like this! I wanted to share what we learned that might help you and invite you to leave your best Disneyland tips in the comments! There are links in this article that may result in a commission should you shop from them (thank you).

Where to Stay Near Disneyland

We didn’t have it in the budget to stay on resort but we were literally across the street at the Fairfield Marriott. They have a pool and free wifi, but overall the rooms are spacious and pretty basic. The main attraction is how close it is from the Main Street exit of Disneyland.

We have been to Disneyworld and stayed further away and it took FOREVER to take the bus and find our car and drive back. You’re already tired from walking all day. So having your hotel so close is worth the extra expense. Plus, when our teen wanted to take a break he could walk back to the hotel without us.

disneyland tips

What to Eat at Disneyland: Food

We ate breakfast at the McDonald’s that is right by the hotel. There’s a Pizza Press restaurant right there too that we loved. Those were the most fast, easy and affordable options right outside Disneyland where we were staying. I also stopped at a small store on our way to the park entrance and bought some California oranges and they were so delicious!

As far as in the park, bring snacks and water even if you plan to eat at a restaurant. You usually have to wait so long to get food or find a drinking fountain that it’s a lot more comfortable if you pack your own in a stroller or bag.

Food at the park is expensive. Like a turkey leg and a piece of corn is $20. We had a character breakfast, which cost us $257 for 5 of us. Note: If you are doing a character dining experience, you can purchase your tickets ahead of time through Get Away Today and your taxes and tips will be included saving you up to 10% (which is a lot when it comes to Disney Dining)!

Get Away Today often has deals like an adult for a children’s ticket price so if you need Disneyland tickets, be sure to check them out here. They are Disney experts and have a lot of great information about Halloween and other Disneyland special events on their blog and Facebook page.

Tips for Buying Food (Inside the Parks) 

Oh the food….. it’s all AMAZING!

Something to know is that pretty much any food that you can find in Disneyland, can also be found in California Adventure. Yes, the food can be expensive, but keep my first statement above in mind and many of the meals are large enough to feed a couple of people (kids usually). Also, make sure to drink while in the parks and drink a lot. I try to always have a water bottle in my hand.

You don’t realize how much of a work out spending the day in the parks can be until you check your fitness tracker at the end of the day. So drink, drink, drink (I recommend water). Janet notes: we walked 12 miles.

Ok, back to park food. Some of the “must” do are Dole Whips (Sorry, these are only at Disneyland), Turkey Legs and Corndogs.

First up, Dole Whip.  It’s at the Tiki Room, but there’s always a really long line for them outside of the attraction, BUT if you go into the Tiki Room attraction waiting area, there’s a much shorter line and a Cast Member dedicated to serving those people waiting for the attraction.

Great thing is, you are allowed to take your Dole Whip in to the Tiki Room.  When I was there in July 2015 the outside line was LONG. So we walked into the queue for the attraction with 7 minutes before the next show.  We were able to get Dole Whip Floats in time to see the next show.

Turkey Legs. They sell roasted Turkey Legs in both parks.  They are HUGE and are really good. They also sell a Chile Lime Corn on the cob that’s good. You can find where they sell them in the Mobile App that I mentioned above, or the map you picked up.

Corndogs.  They sell a really good handmade/dipper corndog (and I don’t like corndogs). They are sold at the Little Red Wagon on the “hub” (end of Main Street USA near the Castle). You can’t miss it at lunch time, because there is a huge line.  I prefer to get them in California Adventure at Corndog Castle, because their lines are much shorter.  Corndog Castle is in the North West corner of the park, near Goofy’s Sky School. The reason that I like to get them at Corn Dog Castle in California Adventure is they make a great late night snack, while waiting to see World of Color and Corn Dog Castle is not far from the World of Color viewing area.

Other good places eat are Carnation Café (Main Street USA), Rancho Del Zocalo (Frontierland) and a personal favorite, Big Thunder Ranch BBQ (sadly it is now closed, but the food lives on at other table service restaurants in Frontierland and New Orleans Square).

Carnation Café is a sit down restaurant on Main Street USA.  It’s where my family and I had Christmas Dinner in 2013 and it was great.  It’s mostly comfort foods.  It’s not horribly expensive, but I recommend making reservations. If they have it, try the Baked Potato soup and/or the Coconut cake.  The Pomegrante Lemonade is a must for our family.<

Rancho Del Zocalo is cafeteria style Mexican food and is really good.  There’s plenty of seating and reservations are not needed (or offered).

Big Thunder Ranch BBQ is AWESOME! It’s all you care to eat (Disney’s version of “All you can eat”) BBQ and is oh so good. Their lunch menu has fewer items on it than the Dinner menu, but both are fantastic.  This place is closing permanently after the first of the year, so I recommend eating there while you still can.  Reservations are highly recommended. NOTE: Big Thunder Ranch BBQ is now permanently closed but some of the menu items are now available at other table service restaurants in and around Frontierland and New Orleans Square.

There are tons of places to eat in the parks.  Another option is Blue Bayou.  Ask most anyone who goes to Disneyland on a somewhat regular basis and they will tell you to go to Blue Bayou (reservations necessary) and get the Monte Cristo Sandwich.  I’ve had it before and it wasn’t one of my favorites. They have Mint Julep’s that are really good and refreshing on a hot day. The Monte Cristo is an example of a dish that will feed more than one person. You get two huge sandwiches.

They have what is called the World of Color Dining Package at three different restaurants in California Adventure also. This is one of my favorite things to do for a couple of reasons.  The first is that by purchasing the dining package you get really good Fast Passes to one of the World of Color shows later that evening. The second is that the food is really good.  Also if you time dinner about right, when you’re done, you’re in the perfect spot to watch the Pixar Play Parade. IF you get the Dining Package at Wine Country Trattoria that is.

It’s a Prix Fix menu, so you only get to choose from a few things, but all are really good. Though I recommend the Filet Mignon. The Pomegranate Lemonade is available here too.  Last time I was there, I drank about 8 glasses of it (what can I say it was a hot day). When it’s time for dessert, ask them to substitute the Tiramisu for an extra Macaroon, specifically the Pistachio flavored one. Then think of me while you eat it 😉

The trick is, it’s not cheap to do this, but in my mind the good “seats” to view World of Color is well worth it.

Food Outside the Park In Downtown Disney

Downtown Disney has some great food options. One thing to remember is that these are not Disney food options. Meaning that I don’t personally think it’s as good as the food in the park. My kids really like Rainforest Café (reservations strongly recommended). I’m not a huge fan of the food there, but it’s ok.

House of Blues is also there along with Ralph Brenan’s Jazz Kitchen (New Orleans food). They have a quick service window where you can get fresh hot beignets 😉

There’s a Earl of Sandwich on the far side (near the Disneyland Hotel) that is really good too.

Make Reservations Ahead for Full Service Restaurants

The quick service restaurants won’t require it, but I highly recommend that you make reservations for the table service ones.  You can try walking into the table service restaurants, but most are booked solid and you may not get a table, especially with large groups.

I will typically keep the Disney Dining phone number with me and call to check on reservations. Often, they do their best to accommodate, but if the park is busy, there’s a good chance you won’t get any.  The Disneyland Dining phone number is 714.781.DINE That is for the Table Service restaurants.  There are many that are Quick Service (much like fast food) throughout the parks.

For the best prices on Disneyland, check out GetAway Today! They throw in a lot of extras and all the employees have gone to Disneyland to try everything so they know what’s good and they specialize it affordable family trips. They GUARANTEE the best price and they have THE BEST customer service, so there’s no risk. They are Disney experts!

You can call them or click below. If you call, please tell them you heard about them on Newspapermom. Thank you! Affiliate link: book disneyland trip

Disneyland Tips
At a Princess breakfast

Thank you to David Muncey for his Disneyland tips included here:

Reality Check: Disneyland is not Cheap

One big piece of advice to start and for many people it can be illogical and it goes against what they believe, but here it is…. don’t stress about the cost of everything while you’re there.  Yes, it’s expensive and if you let it get to you, it will drive you crazy. I always try to keep in mind that I’m making memories and that’s what is most important to me.

Yes there are blog posts about saving money but mostly Disneyland is so popular they can keep raising prices and people will continue to pay. Supply and demand means you will probably need a big budget.

That said, there are ways to save. Get Away Today runs special pricing where you get adult ticket prices for the price of a child’s ticket if you buy a 3 or more day pass. Watch for those! Again, for character dining experiences, you can purchase your tickets ahead of time through Get Away Today and your taxes and tips will be included saving you up to 10%.

The Disney debit card from Chase gives you a few perks at the park like a free pic at a Meet and Greet. Also, locals can get some minor deals through grocery stores provided you are going in the off season.

We did get Disney gift cards at Target to avoid carrying cash but at the end we had a lot left over (we were too conservative). I’d still get them, just not as many.

Some of the big things you will want to consider are:

How to Choose the Best Time to go to Disneyland

Check out the schedule for the Annual Pass holders, especially the Southern California Select pass. The reason is that those people aren’t allowed to use their passes to get in the parks when attendance is projected to be high. Knowing that, you can usually figure out when the best time to go with the smallest crowds is.  

Grandparents at Disneyland
Bring grandparents whenever possible!

Plan Out Your Day

Even though you may have Park Hopper tickets, I would meticulously plan your day out, for each day you will be in the parks, but know that it’s likely going to be busy and it will likely take a little longer than you’d like it to, to get things done.  If you’ll be there multiple days, plan to be in different area of the parks each day.

Make sure to check the Disneyland website for the refurbishment schedule. There is almost some part of the park that is closed for refurbishment, especially in before and after the holidays (I’m including Halloween as one of the holidays here).

When we go, we try to identify the “must do” attractions and hit those first thing in the morning, when the lines are shorter.  For example, get there at “Rope Drop” (more on that in a minute) at California Adventure and head straight for Radiator Springs Racers. The line will be the shortest at that time of the day. You can utilize Fast Passes, but they will sell out quickly.

Janet notes: When we went the Cars ride broke down but we chose to wait anyway and 15 mins later they were running again. This isn’t uncommon. Be sure to snap a photo of your photo at the end before it disappears. You get a number and can purchase them but it’s fine to take a photo with your cell phone camera too.

One tip on Radiator Springs Racers at Rope Drop, get as far to the right as you can when following the crowd to the attraction.  The reason is that the line will eventually filter to the right, so if you’re already there, you’re not getting left behind as you try to merge in with the others.

When in Disneyland at Rope Drop, Small World is a good attraction to try for first. The lines for Small World will get really long mid-day.

So plan, plan, plan. Pick a section or sections of the park to be in during the day and plan to work that area of the park.

Why You Want to Be there for Rope Drop

Get there at Rope Drop, which means “Opening”. They have a cool ceremony each day to open each park that is kind of fun. They open the gates before the official park opening to allow people to come in and be prepared for Rope Drop. It’s worth it. Also, many of the shops and restaurants between the front gates and where they do the Rope Drop are open. If you arrive early enough, you can grab yourself a quick breakfast.

Opening times change depending on the season, so check before you go.

Get a map

On your first day there, stop at either City Hall (Disneyland) or Chamber of Commerce (California Adventure) and pick up a few things.  The first is, a map of the parks, you’ll be glad you have one, even if you know your way around the parks. The maps have valuable information, such as which attractions have Fast Passes (more on this below). If you don’t pick up a map or need another, never fear, the sweepers (cast members walking around the parks, dress in white with a pack around their waist and a broom in their hand) have maps. Just ask them for one and they will gladly give you one.

Disabled Passes

Second, if anyone in your party is disabled, this is also where you get the Disabled Pass. They change how these passes work on a semi-frequent basis (too many abuses), so if you need a pass, as the Cast Member how they work and they are happy to explain it. If you have really young children, ask about the parent passes.  They basically allow a family with young children to enjoy the entire park without needing to repeatedly wait in lines.

Get your Free Buttons

Third, get the free buttons for everyone in your party.  They have all kinds of them. If it’s the first visit for anyone in your party get them the “1st Visit” button. If you just graduated, you can get “Just Graduated” (or something similar) buttons, but the best one of all is the “Happy Birthday” buttons.  IF you have anyone in your party that has or will celebrate a birthday recently (I’ll let you define what you consider to be recently).

Happy Birthday Buttons

By having the Happy Birthday button, the wearer will get Happy Birthday wishes a lot, from people walking by and cast members. One of the neatest things is that some of the restaurants will come sing Happy Birthday and give you a free dessert (typically a Mickey head chocolate mousse or a cupcake).

Magic Morning

If you have 3 day (or more) park hopper tickets, you should receive a single Early Morning admission, typically called Magic Morning. This is where you get in the park an hour before “everyone” else. I recommend you use it. It can help get things out of the way quickly and you get extra time in the park.

Depending on who you used to plan/schedule/purchase your tickets and vacation package through, you may have also received some additional discounts and tickets for things.  I typically use the Walt Disney Travel Company (aka, the Disneyland website) and they send the “Magical Inclusions”. If you have them, look through them because there can be some great stuff in there.

IF you plan on doing some Guided Tours (more on those below), wait until you get your Magical Inclusions before making the tour reservations, because there is typically a discount coupon in them that can be used for the Guided Tours.

Why You Should Stay Until Closing

Do your best to stay until closing. I realize that with a can be difficult with a large group and lots of younger children, but there’s some great things that happen at night/closing.

Speaking of closing. The stores in the parks remain open for a full hour (at least) after the park classes.  This is nice because if the kids are begging for a specific souvenir, you can purchase it on the way out the door, instead of buying it first thing in the morning and hauling it with you all day.

Use Fast Passes

Use them to your advantage. By planning out your day, you will know when you want to be somewhere and can plan on picking up the appropriate fast passes. Not all of the attractions have the Fast Pass system (check the map you picked up at the entrance of the park).

When you’re in an area of the park, if you get Fast Passes passes for one attraction and find the shortest lines for the attractions around that area, you can typically get on several attractions more quickly. The trick is, you need your “entrance ticket” (in this case the little credit card looking thing) to get your Fast Pass.  So designate a person/people to gather the Fast Passes while the others stand in line for an attraction.  Gather all of the entrance tickets and have that person/people go get the Fast Passes. This site may do a better job of explaining it.

Download the Disney Mobile App Before you Leave

Download the official Disneyland Mobile App and use it throughout the Parks.  It has invaluable information like Fast Pass return times, current wait times for the attractions, showtimes, times that characters will be in certain places, etc. It’s well worth downloading.  Also, download it soon and check on it every so often before you go.

The parks are like a clock in how they work and often times you can gauge how to plan your visit by seeing how things are, ahead of time. Meaning, if you plan to be in the park on a Tuesday, check the mobile app on Tuesday for several weeks before you leave for the parks, because it will give you a good idea of the trends in wait times, etc. for Tuesdays.

Janet note: the app on my iPhone burned through my battery life so quick that I took it off. So put it on a phone that you won’t need for much else. Plus, avoid paying for data by downloading it at home before you go.

See All the Shows and Parades

See the shows, they are all great.  My favorites are World of Color, Aladdin (now closed) and Mickey and the Magical Map. None of them require ticket or charge for admittance, but some may require a Fast Pass. The map of the parks should indicate if a Fast Pass is required or recommended.

See the parades too.  The Paint the Night Parade at Disneyland is amazing and well worth seeing. Get a spot along the parade route early (this is a great time to grab a Turkey leg too). The parade route is marked on the maps of the parks.  The Pixar Play Parade at California Adventure is fun too.

You can get the Fast Passes for Word of Color near the Grizzly River Run in California Adventure.  The two Fast Pass systems are right next to each other so watch carefully.

Typically, there are two shows a night for World of Color. The later one starts after the park closes and the later shows have fewer people, so it’s easier to see the show. There’s a special World of Color Fast Pass that I talk about below in the “Food” section. It’s well worth the time, money and effort, if you ask me.

Free game before the parade

While waiting for World of Color to start, pull out your smart phone and connect it to the Pier Games (or whatever it is called) wireless network SSID, then open your web browser.  There’s a fun “Simon” like game that your kids (I consider myself a kid when I’m in the parks) can play with the lights on Mickey’s Fun Wheel across the bay.  If they win the game, they get to control the lights on the Fun Wheel for a minute or two.

Tips for Disneyland Attractions

Some are more popular than others.  If it has a Mountain you can pretty much guarantee it’s a popular attraction.  If you don’t care if you don’t sit next to people in your group, use the Single Rider lines to get through the lines quickly.  I’ve done this in the past with a smaller group and we were able to ride a lot of the attractions that way.

Again, use the Fast Passes as best you can.  If I remember correctly, you’re allowed to hold one Fast Pass at a time. There is an exception when it comes to some of the attractions and shows though.  If in doubt, ask a Cast Member (employee). They are not allow to say “I don’t know” by company policy, so they will find an answer for you if they don’t know the answer.

Each of the “lands” within both parks have a stand where Cast Members are available questions. Look for the Cast Members standing at a podium. There’s usually two of them dressed in the Disney Plaid costumes.

Some of the attractions have some pretty fun and interactive queues.  For example, the queue for Indiana Jones has all kind of Easter Eggs.  Look for the “Do not pull the rope” sign and pull the rope 😉

When you do your planning, figure out which attractions you want to go on and do it.  Even the “Kiddie” attractions can be pretty cool.  For example, Peter Pan is amazing.  They just “reimagined” it and added a bunch of really neat effects.

The PhotoPass+ system is nice to have and a reasonable deal. Typically if you purchase at least 2 weeks ahead of your arrival, it’s about $70 and about $100 if you purchase after that.  You can purchase them in the park at the camera shop in each park.

You are given a PhotoPass+ card that, when given to the PhotoPass photographers, they scan it and the photos they take are uploaded to the PhotoPass website for you.  With the PhotoPlus+ option you are given all kinds of options with the photos. This also includes the on attraction photos like they have on Splash Mountain, Space Mountain, Hollywood Tower of Terror, etc.  You just show your card to the person working the booth that is displaying the photos and your photo is then associated with your PhotoPass+ account.

Sometimes your photos have a little Magic added to them when you view them on the website afterwards also.  Look for Tinkerbell 😉

Janet notes: here is Bjorn with his hero, Thor, inside Tomorrowland:


Then I made him a tshirt with this print and gave it to him for Christmas (I used Vistaprint and was really happy with the quality) with this photo on it.

I also made a photo book of our best photos with Mixbook. We love the books and Mixbook always has a deal. But think of the ways you can use the photos you take. You can put a family photo on a Christmas card, a mug, etc. to remind you of the fun times you have. Don’t miss opportunities to take photos in front of the iconic castle, with characters, etc. Oh, and you can always share them on Facebook or Instagram! The photos I took of our trip bring back the feeling of fun. I have to balance between taking great photos and enjoying the experience.

Look for the Hidden Mickeys

Look for the Hidden Mickeys, they are all over the place.  Basically, they have Mickey’s head all over the place some are obvious, others not so much (look for the one on Pirates of the Caribbean), so make a game out of it and look for them, they are all over the place. They even have some “hidden” other characters too.  Look for Eeyore in the Indiana Jones line queue.

Disneyland Tips: Get Social with Pin Trading 

I enjoy collecting and trading the pins that they have. I have a bunch of them, but they are my souvenirs, so I don’t mind spending some time and money on collecting them, plus you end up meeting a lot of other guests and Cast Members. When a cast member wears a pin trading lanyard, they will gladly stop and show you the pins that they have, all you need to do is ask. You can typically trade two pins per guest per cast member per day. The only way that they can say “No” to a trade is if they already have the pin you want to trade with them on their lanyard.

You can also find Disney trading pins and accessories on eBay (buy now and save on your trip from buying them at full price at Disneyland!).


Character Meals

We’ve done all of the character breakfasts. The food at each of them is pretty much the same.  All of them are the “All you care to eat” style meals (Disney’s version of “All You Can Eat”). The only one that isn’t served buffet style is the Princess breakfast are Ariel’s Grotto in California Adventure.

Janet notes: that’s the one we went to and our daughter loved it. Get your daughter all dressed up and decked out. You will have to wait in line to go in to stop and get photos with Ariel. Then you’ll be seated, eat and during breakfast the princesses come to your table to get photos. We had 5 I believe.

Two of the character breakfasts require admission to the park, The Princess’ Breakfast at Ariel’s Grotto in California Adventure and Breakfast with Minnie & Friends in Disneyland. The other three are in the 3 resort hotels and don’t require park admission. Each of them offer a photo opportunity with various characters before you eat and have various characters that come to your table while you are eating.

One of the nice things about the 3 that are in the resort hotels is that you can go to them without needing to go in to the parks. Meaning, if you aren’t going to the park that day but instead plan to go elsewhere or just lounge in the pool, you can still go to those Character Breakfasts and get your Daily Dose of Disney.

Our personal favorite is the one at Goofy’s Kitchen. Some of the food is slightly different (“Goofified”) like Macaroni and Cheese Pizza or Peanut Butter and Jelly Pizza for Breakfast.

Fa Mulan princess breakfast at Disneyland
Alexis with Fa Mulan at Disneyland

Guided Tours at Disneyland

There are several Guided Tours (aka, Paid) offered at Disneyland.  Some are far too expensive and are really for the older Disney-fanatic crowd (Yes, I’ve taken them) 😉

Two tours that I would recommend for a family/group.  They don’t always have these tours so check the Disneyland website before you go. You can make reservations in advance of your trip, which is recommended or you can try to make reservations while you’re in the parks. In Disneyland go to the Tour Gardens (between the tunnel under the train and City Hall), at California Adventure go to the Chamber of Commerce (to the left at the beginning of Buena Vista Street).

There is the Welcome to Disneyland Resort tour. The benefit here is that they take on you 2-3 attractions and occasionally give you some special cast member Fast Passes that get you to the front of the line of attractions or shows for up to 6 people per pass.

The beauty of the tour guide taking you on an attraction is that they take you up the exit of the attraction and put you immediately on the attraction. Basically you get to skip the line of some of the more popular attractions.  Additionally, sometimes they offer you treats/snacks and they leave you with a small memento of the tour.

The other tour is the Discovering the Magic tour. This is best for younger children.  Essentially, it’s a big scavenger hunt around the entire park looking for clues that have been left by a mystery person. The cast member tour guides do a great job of working with the kids and make it a ton of fun.  The kids get to pretend to be pirates, cowboys/girls, astronauts, etc. all while solving the clues to find the next clue.

Additionally, they take you on a few attractions along the way, again skipping the line. We went on Pirates of the Caribbean, the Jungle Cruise and Buzz Lightyear Astro Blasters. While we were on the Jungle Cruise, one of the tour guides stayed back and had fresh fruit for all of us when we got off of the attraction.

Finally, when the entire puzzle is solved, there is a bigger clue on the back of the puzzle that when solved leads the group to Mickey’s house in Toontown.  Instead of waiting to see Mickey, the entire group is taken directly to a room and asked to close their eyes and put your hand out.  While your hand is out something is placed in it (your souvenir memento) and when asked to open your eyes Mickey is there. So you get to spend quite a bit of time “talking” with Mickey and getting your phone taken.

Once you’re done seeing Mickey, they take you to a drink stand in the area and get you a refreshing frozen drink.

Visit during the “Holidays” (including Halloween)

Disney goes all out for Halloween and Christmas. Visiting the parks during October, November and December is a real treat.

We’ve been both times and it’s fun to see the parks all decorated. Some of the attractions get a “over lay” for specific Holidays.  For example, the Haunted Mansion gets a “Nightmare Before Christmas” over lay, where Jack Skellington takes over. This over lay lasts all of October, November and December.

Space Mountain becomes Space Mountain: Ghost Galaxy for Halloween also.

Small World gets a Christmas/Holiday over lay and the Jungle Cruise becomes the “Jingle Cruise”.

They also have special food in the parks during the holidays.  The Disneyland homemade Candy Canes are extremely popular.  So much so that you have to get a wrist band in order to have the chance to purchase two of them and they only make them on specific days.  Watch the Disney Parks Blog for the schedule.

If you are going to be in the parks on a specific holiday (Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, etc.) They have special meals at the various restaurants.  Again check the Disney Parks Blog for the menu.

They have different celebrations throughout the parks too.  For example, they have Disney Viva Navidad in California Adventure, complete with their own parade, food, activities, etc. The celebration end with Three Kings Day.

Date night at Disneyland

Whenever we go, my wife and I always have a “Date Night”, where we go to our most favorite restaurant.  It’s called Steakhouse 55 and is so good. It’s in the Disneyland Hotel main building, right next to Goofy’s Kitchen. If you’ve ever been to Ruth’s Chris Steakhouse, it’s better than that, in my opinion. Sadly, it’s not cheap, but it’s so good.

We love the Filet Mignon and New York Strip.  The Yukon Gold mashed potatoes and Macaroni & Cheese are our favorite side dishes. The desserts are all amazing, but we’ve tried the 24 Layer Chocolate cake (very good), the 60 Carat Diamond Celebration dessert (really good) and the Root Beer Baked Alaska (Amazing, if they are still serving it).

Things to Buy Before you Go

I bought stuff at the Disney store after Christmas and the Dollar Store to have fun things for our daughter who was 4 when we went. I bought princess dresses to wear to breakfast on clearance at the Disney store and I bought games and toys from the Dollar Store. That way we limited how much we bought at the park. I’d rather spend time riding rides and at the attractions, not shopping at top dollar.

Now for Your Disneyland Tips, Please

Ok, this is officially the longest post I’ve ever had on this blog! We hope that our Disneyland Tips and Tricks were helpful. Now it’s your turn. What are your tips to share about Disneyland? Please let us know in the comments. I may just update this post and include your tip (with credit of course)! Just know that by sharing your Disneyland tip, you give us permission to include it in future updates and printable.

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