The Best Soup in Ogden According to Locals

This post was most recently updated on October 11th, 2019

We polled people in the Davis County Restaurant Reviews Facebook group about where to get the best soup in Ogden. There’s nothing like hot soup when it’s cold outside. When there’s snow on the ground, that’s when Ogden locals crave soup more than any other time of year.

Why is soup so popular? Valerie Phillips, author of “Soup’s On!” cookbook and food blog Chew and Chat said, “The great thing about soup is there are so many kinds, so many flavors.”

Best Soup in Ogden

As far as soup trends, she said, “Today’s soups feature bolder flavors, and some creative twists on the classics. For instance, at Brixton’s Baked Potato, I recently enjoyed a bowl of Thai Curry Chicken Soup that was fragrant and flavorful.” Along with more complex flavors and ethnic soups, Phillips says the ingredients are healthier too. A Good Life Café has options like Split Pea and Sweet Potato or Sprouted Red Beans and Rice. I think it’s partly popular because a lot of people have had this type of soup in a restaurant and like the idea of making it at home,” she said.

If you prefer to eat out, check out our list below with some of restaurants that have some of the best soup in (or near) Ogden.

best-soup-in-Ogden-french-onionUnion Grill
Ogden Union Station, 2501 Wall Ave.
(801) 621-2830

This is a family fav. Their french Onion soup comes in a crock with melted provolone oozing over the sides. Inside are pieces of toasted homemade Foccacia bread. French onion soup is available every day and they always have at least one other soup that’s made from scratch.

I asked what makes their French onion soup so amazing and loved. “We think that our French Onion soup is so loved because it’s made with love…it is made from scratch right here in our kitchen and we use only the highest quality ingredients. A few other soups that are highly loved here at the Union Grill would be our Steak Chili…made using Prime Rib, the Chicken Curry Vegetable and the Hungarian Mushroom,” Annette Hardy, a manager at Union Grill, said.

1953 Washington Blvd., Ogden
(801) 781-2900

Artichoke Portobello Mushroom soup was a favorite and it’s made every Monday and Thursday.

1307 West 1200 South, Ogden
(801) 394-3273

Chicken tortilla is the day and has been for about seven years. “The freshness and care that we take is what makes any of our soups very good.” Instead of making it in large batches and letting it sit, all their soups are made fresh that day. Jeremiah’s uses locally grown when in season: heirloom tomatoes, chilis, onions, and green peppers. “All the vegetables we can we get fresh,” head chef Michael Attento said. “We certainly don’t use any canned or frozen.”

Van Loi
5451 South 1900 West, Unit 4, Roy
(801) 776-5961

There are eleven varieties of Pho at Van Loi, ranging from chicken to brisket or meatballs. People go for Vietmanese food but many go for pho. “Closest thing to a really Vietnamese Pho I have found. Other places just don’t have much flavor. This place has lots of flavor,” said Daniell Shirley.

Blue Lemon
339, E 2250 S St, Ogden
(801) 612-2583

You can’t miss with either the butternut squash or tomato bisque soup. Each is vegetarian and gluten free. Utah blogger Emily Hill described the butternut squash as smooth, buttery, cinnamon-y, brown sugary and topped with some sort of cinnamon croutons and what I think were brown-sugar-glazed walnuts.”

Old Grist Mill
460 2nd St, Ogden
(801) 392-8801

The broccoli cheddar is much loved and is made every Saturday where you can order by the cup up to a quart. Be sure to get some homemade bread to go with it.

Other loved soup was the Posole from Taqueria Mexicans on Washington and any of the homemade soups at The Oaks in the Ogden canyon or at Cutler’s in Layton.

Hope these soups help keep you warm, whether you live in Ogden, just visit, or make some soup in your own kitchen. If we missed any of your favorites, please comment and let us know.

For summer, you may want to try out this fresh tomato soup.

For anyone who wants to make their own soup, I asked local food blogger Kalyn of Kalyn’s Kitchen to share two of her top soup recipes. She said it is her Slow Cooker Vegetarian Pasta e Fagioli Soup which has been viewed 108,000 times. Another favorite, Vegetarian Greek Lentil Soup, has been viewed 105,000 times and pinned 25K times.Slow Cooker pasta soup from Kalyn's Kitchen blog

If you have an abundance of tomatoes, you’ll enjoy this tomato soup recipe. Or, if you want even more soup inspiration, check out these soup cookbooks.

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