34 Reasons You’ll Love Harmons Grocery + Giveaway!

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Harmons grocery store just opened up in Farmington, west of I-15. They invited a group of bloggers from Utah to take a tour. We were honored to meet Bob and Randy Harmon who introduced us to their staff and told us about their products. We got to sample so many things. Then we went upstairs for lunch prepared by Chef J. I’m happy and stuffed.

At the end of this post are pictures from our tour – be sure to watch the slideshow.

Enter to win a $25 gift card to any Harmons grocery store in Utah! To enter just make a comment on this post telling me why you love Harmons. I’ll randomly choose a winner using random.org on Wednesday, June 1st, 2011. Note: Contest has ended.

Philosophically Harmons is unique. They are not trying to compete on price. They believe in SUSTAINABILITY, ENVIRONMENTALLY RESPONSIBLE, HIGH QUALITY, FRESH, LOCAL, NATURAL products.

Bob Harmons motto: It’s only fresh once!

34 reasons you’ll love Harmons Grocery Store

  1. They carry the world famous Creminelli brand salami in every flavor. Made in Utah by a 5th generation Italian salami maker who came to Utah for the Olympics and to ski and stayed. He notes that the climate here is so similar to Italy that you cannot tell the difference between salami made here vs. in Italy.
  2. Harmons employees and founders are educated around the world. They go to Vermont to tour a creamery to see how cheese is made and all around the world and locally to source their products.
  3. They make their own fresh artisan potato chips with no additives or preservatives (by the incredible sandwich bar made with their no no additive deli meats, bread from their bakery, and gourmet cheeses).
  4. The Farmington store is one of only 2 Harmons that has a gelato bar with 18 flavors, made fresh each day.
  5. The coffee shop carries Logan-based Cafe Ibis blends (fair trade).
  6. The wok bar is made fresh twice a day from 11-2pm it’s fully stocked, then from 4-7 or up to 9pm they have a partial selection of Chinese food (no MSG, made fresh on site).
  7. Everything in the deli is made from scratch, not from a can, box or carton.
  8. Harmons meats are all natural with no steroids or filler. You can also find local lamb and bison.
  9. Employees who handle food are restaurant certified and they meticulously monitor the salad bar and other food to be sure it meets food safety standards.
  10. The produce is not brought in green to ripen on the shelf. It’s table-ready.
  11. Their tomatoes are grown in Castledale, Utah in a greenhouse heated with thermal energy.
  12. During growing season they bring in oranges from an orchard in California – farmer Ron delivers them to all the Harmons stores. Look for them in the mesh bags (only available for about anohter week, until Fall).
  13. They carry fresh ground, organic nut butters.
  14. You can get single portions from their deli – delicious lasagna, quiche and other heat and eat foods – great for lunches.
  15. Isle #1 is kid-friendly meaning they have healthy snacks and foods (not candy) to tempt your kids.
  16. The bread from the bakery is made each day with organic wheat flour. The wheat is grown in Utah then ground at Lehi roller mills. The dark color around the loaves may look like its burnt but its not. The crust is carmelized. It takes 3 days to make a piece of bread.
  17. The white chocolate pecan bread is to die for and ideal for french toast. The garlic bread is divine with pieces of roast garlic baked in. On Fridays and Saturdays get Challah, a buttery bread baked in their stone oven.
  18. The cookies and desserts are made with real butter (no shortening). The key lime tart has real key limes, not fake flavorings.
  19. If you have any questions about how to prepare the seafood, just ask Rusty, she’ll help you. She told me the best way to prepare salmon is to put honey butter on it and bake in the oven! The honey caramelizes and the butter makes it so moist.
  20. The fish is caught using long-line sustainable methods, then flown in the next morning!
  21. They carry Sockeye, Cohe, King and farm-raised salmon (raised in the Atlantic). The King has a whopping 17 grams of omega 3!
  22. If you buy shrimp from the seafood counter it is fresh with no additives and they will steam it for you so it will be ready to eat. Plus they make their own cocktail sauce that is so good (no preservatives).
  23. Harmons has a line of seasonings and marinades from a local business called Cy’s. They have no artificial flavorings, no MSG, no preservatives or artificial color.
  24. If you want a product Harmons doesn’t carry, you can request it (I already requested my favorite Belgium waffle mix).
  25. The meat department carries sausage that is made fresh by hand each day and the meat counter has a built-in mister to keep the meat moist.
  26. Chicken is a very serious subject at Harmons, left to the experts. They don’t bring it in frozen, it’s fresh. No additives or plumpers (nitrates, sodium, etc). They trim and wash the chicken so you don’t have to.
  27. They have a bike concierge service! Bring your bike inside, they will park it and you can pick it up when you’re done shopping. Since it’s so close to trails you’ll see that many people bike to Harmons (some with kids in the bike trailer). No need to park it in the rain or sun or even lock your bike. They also have bike racks outside.
  28. Their pineapple was once sent by boat and it took 28 days. Now it’s picked when ripe and flown in by jet. As I write this it’s on sale for a great price of 78 cents a pound!
  29. They compost all of their vegetable scrap and a local business packages and sells it to gardeners.
  30. They recycle (upstairs).
  31. They have a dietitian on staff. Jessica will walk you through the store and help you meet your dietary goals whether you’re lactose intolerant, diabetic or just trying to lose weight. Reach her at JessicaLaroche@harmonsgrocery.com
  32. Upstairs they have cooking classes including a kid’s class (a baby food class coming soon) and a 2+hour date night dinner.
  33. Businesses and others can host cooking classes or meals upstairs and everything is made fresh by chef J. His email is Chefj@Harmonsgrocery.com
  34. Harmons carries over 300 products from local businesses!

Now for the pictures!

Check out the other Utah bloggers who were there
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The giveaway has ended – JoDell is the winner – who I will contact by email and send the gift card. If I don’t get a response I will randomly choose another winner.

Great comments and thank you for entering!

29 thoughts on “34 Reasons You’ll Love Harmons Grocery + Giveaway!”

  • Harmons is a great place to stop for lunch. I love their Bakery and exotic cheeses!!


  • I honestly don’t shop at Harmons all the time, but I’ve come to rely on them for a few things that I can’t find anywhere else. They’re my go-to whenever I make something new that requires weird ingredients and I don’t want to risk not finding it on my first try. I also love their deli. Amazing, amazing bread and artisan foods!

  • Bread. Always the bread. Can’t top the white chocolate pecan bread….drool.

    Loved meeting you and the other fab bloggers on the tour!

  • My husband and I had lunch for $6 on Saturday. He had Pizza and I had a deli Asian Salad with Chicken…can’t remember what it is called. Where can you eat lunch for that cheap and feel happy!

  • I love Harmon’s because it’s so close I can walk to it… AND I love that the milk section Moo’s at you. I love other things, but those are my top 2 reasons. 🙂

  • Just moved to Draper and received a $10 off coupon in the mail to the Sandy store. I went yesterday and found everyone friendly and helpful. I enjoyed the free bread sample and even bought a loaf.

  • Love the all around friendly atmosphere of Harmons!! and they even donated to my son’s Eagle Scout Project (definitely a plus for me!)

  • I love Harmons, too. You can always be sure you’ll find rare and hard-to-find things at their stores!

  • I love the fresh produce at Harmon’s, and the fact that they promote buying locally.

  • The entire store is CLEAN!! Always is! I love their selection of fine cheeses, meats, and deli self-serve bars. I love going there during my lunch breaks for a fresh salad from the salad bar.

  • My husband works right by a harmons and loves their deli for lunch!! Harmons is a great local grocery store.

  • I grew up with Harmons so close to my house! There store always has the freshest fruits and veggies. I really hope I win, a little free grocery money is always a plus!

  • I love the soups that they have. Also my grandaughter will always go for a scoop of ice cream!

  • Have stopped in Harmons several times to pick up last minute on our way to family dinner. Always impressed!

  • I love Harmons because they have wonderful cheeses and great breads.

  • I love Harmon’s for their produce. I taught a National Nutrition Month tour (for people at my work) at the St. George store just because their produce section is so beautiful and fit the theme which was “Eat Right With Color”. It’s so colorful, it makes you want to eat your fruits and veggies!

  • I love Harmons cheese and also their ready made items in the meat department. Their chicken cordon bleu’s are so good 🙂

  • I love them because of their fruits and veg section. It makes me happy to see so much local produce in season. Plus, I also love that they have a mail center right in the store! 🙂

  • I love Harmon’s used to live near one and always enjoyed shopping there. I love that they help you take you groceries to the car or have a loading place you can pull up. Plus, at least the one I used to go to always played some good old school jazz (like Sinatra stuff, etc). They have a better than the average grocery store “healthy” organic/natural foods section too. LOVE Harmon’s. It’s actually my favorite grocery store!

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